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Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner – A Waterproof Gel For An Amazing Finishing Touch

It’s every woman’s nightmare. There are so many products to choose from, which one should I buy? I’ve already tried various eyeliners and none of them gave me the satisfaction I was looking for, what can I do? No doubt you can relate to such questions.

As your eyes mirror your soul, it is important to choose eyeliner carefully. You need to find one that is perfect for you, but of course, this takes time. You will see the benefit of taking time to choose the right one when you finally find exactly what you are looking for. One that gives you the result you thought was out of your reach.

As you can’t possibly know beforehand whether a product is the right one for you, it’s important to check out reviews to help you make the decision of whether to buy it or not. Although other people’s comments can help you come to a decision, don’t forget, your needs are your personal preference. And personal preference is just what it says – personal. You need to try something yourself to know if it is the right one for you.

How To Approach Your Purchase

The attractive design of a product doesn’t necessarily mean that the contents will suit your needs. We all like attractive items, but when choosing eyeliner it is important that the product not only looks attractive but that it will also make us look attractive.

So, consider the following when you’re looking to purchase new eyeliner.

  • Do you need your eye makeup to stay looking good whatever happens?
  • Should your eye makeup be able to withstand water, whether from swimming, rain or tears of joy or frustration?
  • Are you having problems using an average eye pencil because you can’t seem to apply it smoothly?
  • How important is it to you that your eye makeup will give your eyes that little bit more? Do you want a little extra shine, or a little extra color? Something that will enhance your eyes.

Once you’ve determined exactly what you want from your makeup, it will be easier to choose which eyeliner to buy. Do you just need it for daywear or also for partying? Considering this will be of help to you to decide which features you are looking for when purchasing a new product.

If you’re looking for the best gel eyeliner you will find that the benefits the Urban Decay Ultra Intense Waterproof Gel Eyeliner give you are enormous.

Product Specs



Weighing less than half an ounce you don’t have to worry about carrying the eyeliner with you wherever you go. You can keep it either in your pocket or in your purse. So you’ll always have it handy when you need it.

What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors. If you want black, why not try Perversion. Or maybe you want something more out of the ordinary. Zodiac, Delirious, Acuse and Muse are just a few of the colors you can choose from. Whatever style you are looking for, Urban Decay can meet your needs.

What To Expect

How often have you had to remove your eye makeup and start applying it all over again because it didn’t go on smoothly first time? When this happens it’s a time-wasting experience that you don’t need with your busy schedule. The urban decay 24 7 eyeliner can solve this problem for you. You won’t find any other eyeliner that is smoother to apply.

What’s more when you apply it, it only takes 30 seconds to dry and it isn’t easily smudged. Who doesn’t want all this from their makeup!

You don’t like the glittery party look, but you want a special look then you will absolutely love the slight glimmer that the liner gives you. And don’t forget, by using a 24/7 product the look will last as long as you need it to, within reason, of course.

This product is a must if you are looking for easy application, a product that will last the whole day and is smudge free. But take heed, being long lasting, washing will not remove it at the end of the day. It has to be removed with eye makeup remover.

As Urban Decay is a recognized manufacturer of excellent products you can be sure of quality with urban decay eyeliner at a price you can afford.

What Are The Benefits To This Product

Whether you have been looking for a product to suit your needs or are just ready to test something new, this product is well worth trying out.

The benefits of using Urban Decay eyeliner are many. Read further to find out what these benefits are.

  • It has a smooth texture, dries within 30 seconds and is waterproof. In fact, it is the best waterproof eyeliner that money can buy.
  • Eight hours or more at work or eight hours or more partying can have an effect on your makeup. As many types of eyeliner smudge, you are continually looking for a mirror to check out that you look okay. It frustrates you when you see other girls who seem to look perfect whatever time of day or night you see them. You wish you knew their secret.
    You could now be one of those girls everyone looks at in admiration. There is no secret to it. By using urban decay liquid eyeliner you will no longer have to check the mirror to see whether there are any unsightly smudges around your eyes. You can be confident that you look just as good at the end of the day as when you applied it.
  • Women just love variety, whether it’s in bags, shoes or makeup. Therefore, Urban Decay eyeliner comes in a variety of colors, some subtle, others not so subtle. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a subtle everyday look or whether you want to impress people by using a color such as ‘Rock Star’. It’s completely up to you what effect you want for your eyes, but whatever effect you are looking for, you’ll find the color for it.
  • You want to look trendy, so use the right makeup. Urban Decay can offer you glitter if that’s what you want. But glitter is not tops at the moment. Much better to use makeup that offers you just a little glimmer. This will help make you feel special the moment you apply it.
  • If you don’t have time to ‘retouch’ your makeup through the day, you’ll definitely see the benefit of this smudge proof eyeliner. The 24/7 eyeliner will not only give you results that you’ll love, but the result will also last all day. It’s no wonder that so many people love this product.

Now that you can see just how many benefits are offered by using this product, it’s time you tried it out.  For a flawless look that lasts all day at work and all night partying it can’t be beaten.

When To Use It

It’s entirely up to you when to use it. It’s suitable for occasions where you would like to look good or feel extra special. Maybe you have planned a photo shooting or are attending a special celebration. Whatever the occasion it will help you achieve the look that you want; a look that you can feel confident about.

Maybe you have an interview with the boss at work and want to look your best. With your busy time schedule you don’t have time to check your makeup beforehand, no need to when you’ve applied smudge proof eyeliner.

Or you could just need that special boost when you feel down – looking good is enough to give anyone a boost, and so easy to do with urban decay 24  7 eyeliner.

Application Tips And Tricks

Although you should always allow enough time to apply your makeup, time is something we don’t always have. Using a basic eyeliner item when you don’t have much time results in smudging. Then of course you wonder why you don’t look so good and subsequently lose your confidence.

By following these tips, you should be able to apply your eye makeup without smudging.

  • To obtain a look that isn’t uneven with creamy eye products such as this one you need to pull the skin at the corner of your eye so that the lid is flat. This makes it much easier to apply your liner, especially if you have wrinkles at the corner of your eyes or you have very small eyelids. Apart from being easier to apply it will also look much smoother.
  • To avoid having gaps between your eyelashes and the skin on your eyelids you should apply the eyeliner pointing down towards the eyelashes. Gaps are caused through pointing the brush up towards the eyelid.
  • If you are looking for a less dramatic effect, you can try complimenting the line with eye shadow. By using a brush to blend it into the eyeliner, you will find that it softens the line. Thus, you end up with a much more natural look.

Last, but not least, give yourself time to apply your makeup. A hurried application leads to a messy, smudged look. By allowing yourself enough time at the start, you will save time in the end!

What To Use It With

With the array of colors offered and the subtle shimmer, the eyeliner can be used for whatever occasion you need it, particularly when you would like to feel special. To add to the effect, you should try using the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. You’ll be surprised at how it accentuates your eyes even more.

Should you choose not to use black, but a color liner instead and want a more dramatic effect, be sure to choose a color eye shadow that blends in with the color of the liner. It’s not advisable to choose blue eye shadow to blend in with blue eyeliner. Lighter cream or beige colors will blend in much better and help your liner stand out.

Is This Eyeliner For You?

Only you can know which eyeliner best suits your needs. But how can you know which one of the many products on the market is the right one for you if you haven’t tried them?

Whether you’re looking to try out a liquid liner, gel liner or a creamy eye pencil Urban Decay has just the right one to suit whichever occasion you need it for.

  • You often go swimming, and would still like to look good while in the water. Or you get caught in a rain shower. Maybe you are a person who is prone to tears easily. No problem. Urban Decay has the best waterproof eyeliner you could wish for.
  • You’re looking for something special for that extra special occasion. You need eyeliner that will accentuate your eyes and give you a feeling of self-confidence. You don’t want to look like a wilted flower after a couple of hours. Then our 24/7 products are just what you are looking for.
  • You need an eye product that will see you through a long day at work. You need to look good from the time you start work until the time you finish so your eye make-up is important to you.
  • With your busy lifestyle, it’s important that application is easy and that it won’t smudge. This is possible with the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil.

It comes in various colors and there is also a glitter product for those special occasions where you would lie to draw attention to your eyes.

No doubt about it, everyone is looking for quality and quality has a price. Urban Decay products have quality and a price – a price that is affordable for everyone.

What’s more, it’s waterproof so it doesn’t smudge. No need to keep checking yourself in the mirror to see that you look okay. It will give you the confidence to know that you look okay.

If you agree, then this product is a must for you.

Where To Buy

Urban Decay products can be bought at most specialist stores or even at the local drug store. For your convenience why not try out Amazon. Amazon always has competitive prices and delivery times are fast even without a Prime subscription.

Is it worth stressing yourself by standing in line to pay for a product when your daily schedule is so full? Just use one of the above product links to find the best prices available today. It’s one purchase you won’t regret.

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