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How To Match Your Lipstick With Your Outfit

Match Your Lipstick With Your OutfitLipstick is every woman’s must-have accessory because it is the perfect pick- me upper and confidence booster. To get that polished look, you need to choose a shade that harmoniously blends with your makeup and the color of your clothes.

Finding the lipstick to match your outfit should never be done in haste because it can make or break your overall look. You need to patiently try different hues until you find the one that fits your outfit to a tee and gives you that pretty little pout.

What lipstick should you wear with your purple shirt outfit, black dress or yellow top? Read on to find out how to match your lipstick with your outfit.


Red lips are classic, seductive and timeless.  It has the power to make a woman feel ready to conquer the world.  You have different shades of Red to suit your mood. Whether you are going for the chic, retro or casual look, a pair of Red lips will certainly make heads turn.

Clothes in shades of red, black, blue, white, green, yellow, gray, metallic colors, orange and pastels are your staple red lipstick outfits.  Before you step out, make sure that your getup does not clash with your lip color.

For example, fiery red lips clashes with a purple dress so switch to subtler hues to avoid looking like a clown. If you are eyeing a red dress red lipstick combo, go for a lipstick that is a shade lighter or darker than your dress.


From romantic mauves to barely there hues, this subtle yet alluring lipstick color can add just the right amount of punch to your outfit.  If you are not too comfortable with festive red, opt for nude shades to match your pastels, black, red, blue, purple and bright colored clothes.

Women have fallen for nude lipstick because it is versatile.  You can wear it to work, lunch date with friends or a formal event.

You can never go wrong with nude lipstick especially if you are going for the trendy natural look.

Smoky eyes, bold brows and nude lipstick are the best makeup with a purple dress.  This lip color will perfectly complement a sultry makeup for your burgundy dress too.

Just add a dab of gloss for that perfect pout if you are not into matte. When choosing a nude shade on the counter, remember to skip the ones that are way too light or dark so you won’t be mistaken for a walking dead.


Many women love pink because it makes them feel pretty and young.  The key to achieving that “Pretty in Pink” look is to choose the perfect shade for your skin undertones.

When it comes to your outfit, Pink goes well with neutral colors such as white, black, gray, pink, pastels and brown.  If you will wear dark toned clothes, opt for the brighter shades of pink or rose tint. Warm pink is the best lipstick for your royal blue dress.  For pretty pastels, opt for peachy and rosy pink lipstick.

Dare to go all pink?  Best not to go with exactly the same shade of pink as your dress, so you won’t end up looking tacky.

Rule of thumb; pick a shade that is one to two shades lighter or darker than your dress.

For example, the best makeup for a hot pink outfit is neutral, soft and fresh look with peachy pink, blush rose or dark berry lip color. Ditch the fuchsia lipstick because the overall effect is too flashy for comfort.


This perky dash of color which lies somewhere between citrus orange and pink blush should always be a part of your lip palette collection. This is the perfect go to lipstick any time of day for any kind of event because it can flatter the face with distinct warm glow.

Another good thing about this lip paint is that it’s easy to find a matching outfit, so you can step out to greet the world with fewer worries.

Corals blend well with white, black, orange, red, blue, pastels, summer and printed clothes. This is the perfect shade of lipstick for a royal blue dress. Barely there makeup, metallic eyeshadow or smoky eye makeup matches well with coral lips.

Going for a matchy-matchy look?  You can pull it off by choosing a Coral hue that is a notch lighter or darker than your outfit.  Your summer and spring will be truly fun and vibrant with this lip shade.


Thanks to Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, amazing shades of brown lipstick are back in full swing. Cinnamon, cocoa, raisin or dark chocolate lipsticks match outfits in white, blue, gray, black and brown. Brown lips look amazing with minimal makeup and also a perfect match with smoky or cat eye.

Dark brown lipsticks are best worn with light colored outfits while brown with hints of red or orange blend well with dark outfits. If you find matte brown lipstick too intense, add subtle sparklers to your lips to tone it down.  A slightly glossy red toned brown lipstick is a perfect match to your little black dress or white top.

What Is Your Skin Tone Type?

Ever wondered why the lipstick shade that looked amazing on your friend did not have the same effect on you? Knowing your skin tone will help you determine the best makeup or clothes color that matches your complexion.

Check the color of your veins in your wrist to determine the type of your skin undertone.

  • Cool Undertone – You have bluish veins and look your best in white, blue and gray outfits. Lipstick with blue or purple undertones match you well.  Stay away from overly light lip shade or orange based lip color.  Pink, nudes, cherry reds and deep brown are your lips’ best friends.
  • Warm Undertone – You have green veins and yellow, olive or golden hue skin. Warm shades, deep berry, red with hints of orange and deep brown lip color suits you well. Stay away from bright oranges and eye popping reds.
  • Neutral Undertone – You have both blue and green veins. Lucky you!  The entire lipstick palette is yours for the taking because of your skin tone practically blends with any color.

How To Make Lipstick Last Longer

Reapplying lipstick all through the day can be quite a hassle and you may even forget to do it during busy days. Follow these easy steps to make your lipstick last longer.

  1. Exfoliate your lips to remove flakes. Use a lip scrub and damp toothbrush then apply non oily lip balm.
  2. Dab light foundation or concealer on your lips.
  3. Outline your lips and fill them in with a lip liner to prevent bleeding.
  4. Apply your lipstick and fill in the rest of your lips. Use a lip brush for better application. To set the color, place a thin sheet of tissue on your lips and dust translucent powder over it.
  5. Finish it off by lightly adding a teeny wee bit of lipstick.

Keep in mind that lipstick in deeper shades tends to last longer than light colored ones.  Also, matte lipstick has a better mileage but it can quickly dry your lips so do not miss the prep. When applying lip gloss, dab it lightly on the center of your lips and not all over.

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