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L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base: How To Use One Of The Best Kept Secrets

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you find the right make-up to give you just the right look that you’ve been yearning for? Every woman has her favorite item in her make-up bag. Maybe  your eyeliner or your lipstick is your favorite. But just as everyone has individual tastes everyone has their own must-haves.

Just consider which item you just couldn’t do without. Which one do you trust most of all knowing it will make you look your best? The answer given by many is that they couldn’t do without a base. When you think of the results the professional make-up artists achieve by using face primer.

Of course there are many primers on the market to choose from, but you can’t do better than to try out the l’oreal magic perfecting base.

The following information will help you make a decision of whether or not to purchase it. You’ll find out what it does and how it work. You’ll also get tips of how to get the best results possible. No need to visit a professional before that special date anymore. Read further to see how easy it is to look professional by making up at home.

Why You Possibly Need A Perfecting Base

No, this isn’t a new product on the market, you probably know it as a face primer. Using foundation is all well and good, but using it after applying a perfecting base face primer is even better. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. But how does it make a difference?

  • Your make-up will last longer as it works as a base that your foundation sticks to.
  • Foundation is okay for covering up minor blemishes such as sunspots, but a primer also helps minimize your pores.
  • If you’re looking for a really smooth complexion for that special date, interview or even for a photo shoot this is a must for your make-up bag.
  • It’s great for women with oily skin or even for women whose face tends to become shiny when the weather gets hotter. This is because of the matt finish of the primer.
  • Maybe your problem is that you have a sallow skin or you suffer from redness. No problem the magic perfecting base can hide this.
  • The bane of most women’s lives is the fact that as we get older, those wrinkles or fine lines appear on our skin. No need to be ashamed of them, just hide them with a primer.

That special celebration is just around the corner or you have a very important job interview in front of you. You really need to look your best; not only look your best, but also look perfect. The studio secrets perfecting base will give you this and more. You’ll be able to go out feeling completely confident as you’ve achieved the look you’ve always envied in other women. It’s also just the right product if you have extra long working days with no time to touch up your make-up. Believe me, it works miracles!

Things To Consider Before You Purchase

Without first knowing your skin, you should never buy a primer. Not every product is suitable for you. Ask yourself the following questions before you make any decision.

  • Do you suffer, especially in warm weather, from a skin that is so greasy it just looks sweaty and shiny when you wear make-up?
  • Do you need a product to help conceal the redness of your skin? If so, you should choose a primer that has a green tone as this will help to minimize the color of your skin.
  • Beware, if you suffer from allergies, make sure that you don’t have a silicone allergy. Primers containing silicone could easily irritate your skin.
  • Avoid any product that is known to irritate the skin or you could end up with pimples. Especially if you are an acne sufferer or your skin breaks out when using certain products.
  • Are you planning only on using the product at home or do you need something that you can easily slip into your purse or your pocket? Size can be of importance here.
  • What is the price-range that you are looking at? Is a drug-store option enough for you or are you looking for a more expensive brand-name product?
  • Are you looking for something to minimize those large pores that are noticeable even when you wear make-up? A primer is just the thing you need to conceal them.

Understanding what you like and what you need is imperative when you are choosing a new make-up. No doubt friends have recommended products to you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the will be suitable for your skin type or be what you really need. There is no one-for-all with make-up. It is a very individual choice so be sure to know exactly what you are looking for to be able to get the results you want.

L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base Product Specifications


The l’oreal studio secrets primer doesn’t come in a tube or bottle as most primers do. No, it comes in a small jar, which makes it just the thing to look good in front of your vanity mirror. Should you want something that you can take with you wherever you go, then this isn’t the product for you.

With a size of 3.7 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches it is rather bulky so wouldn’t fit into your purse of travel make-up bag. But, it really is a must for using at home. With a weight of only 0.5 oz. it doesn’t seem much. Surprisingly you need very little of the l’oreal studio secrets primer as it really goes a long way.

As the product is creamy it is super easy to apply and doesn’t leave you with a greasy or shiny look to your face.

What Do You Expect When You Start Using It?

That’s a good question. Many women are looking for a product that helps to minimize their pores. Others want a clearer looking complexion with no fine lines or wrinkles visible. If you are one of these women then you’ll definitely love what this primer can do for you.

It really is fantastic at covering blemishes. Its light formula and its matte texture  makes it extremely suitable for people with oily skin. With its thick smooth texture it will definitely cover those blemishes and pores that you find unsightly.

Also you won’t end up suffering from a headache because of the heavy fragrance. It doesn’t have the strong smell that you find with many primers, which is a definite plus.

What Paris Studios Secrets Primer Benefits You Can Expect

L’Oréal has done it again! It’s not only offering an excellent product, but the product is also elegantly presented. But, of course, the presentation is only something for the eye; and you are looking for something that will perfect your face. You certainly won’t be disappointed here either. This product has quality and presentation.

Be sure to check out the following points before you make a decision if it’s a reliable product that you are looking for.

  • It doesn’t have the overpowering intense smell of many products. Actually it really smells pleasant.
  • You’ll be surprised at how well it covers those embarrassing blemishes or any other issues you have. It’s really effective if you’re looking to hide fine lines, wrinkles or large pores. The effect is much better than when you try to cover them with foundation alone.
  • Your foundation will stay on endlessly. This is important if you have long working hours or a special event with no time for reapplying your make-up.
  • This product doesn’t dry too quickly so you have time to apply it. Application is child’s play as it goes on so smoothly.
  • It’s suitable for both oily and dry skin. Dry skin doesn’t end up looking flaky and oily skin doesn’t end up looking shiny. It even gives you a matt effect without you feeling that you’re too heavily made-up.
  • It’s a must for those who suffer with bumps or acne scars on their face. It’s perfect at hiding blemishes.
  • Although it’s rather small, you only need to use a small amount for each application.
  • It’s clear texture is perfect for anyone not looking for something with color.
  • If you are looking to ‘fake it until you make it’ because you suffer from lack of sleep or have to work through the night then this is what you need. The product will give your skin a healthy soft glow.

You certainly won’t find a better product on the market than this one. It works well for all skin types, but is possibly not the best if you have an extremely dry skin. You can depend on it to do what you want it to and will soon start wondering how you ever managed without it.

How To Apply To Ensure Best Results

The design of this product make is much easier to use than the average primer that is sold in a bottle or in a tube. You’ll no longer have to worry about squeezing out too much as you can just take out how much you need. You certainly don’t want to waste any.

Wash and dry your face well then moisturize before application. The primer is best applied to your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks with your fingertips. Then you need to massage it into your skin in a circular motion. This way you won’t miss any of those blemishes, pores or spots that you need to cover. Be careful, you need to wait until the primer is perfectly dry before applying foundation.

What To Use It With

If you’re only looking to cover your pores then you can use the product by itself. But if you’re aiming for a flawless look that will cover all your blemishes then make sure you have the right foundation to cover it with.

You could also try combining the product with an eye primer. Although the studio secrets magic perfecting base is ideal for covering your face you may need that extra something for your eyes as well.

Should you have severe scars it’s also possible to use a concealer over the scars before applying the primer.


Top Reasons To Try This L’Oreal Base

The main reason to purchase it is that the  l’oreal magic perfecting base is a product that is excellent value for money. A product at a price you can afford with the quality you require.

It’s an excellent product for anyone whose skin is mildly oily or mildly dry. Women with regular to mildly oily skin no longer need to worry about their skin shining during the warm weather periods. Women with extremely oily or extremely dry skin may not be so happy with the product. As it offers a matt effect it could emphasize any dry spots you have or the creamy texture could be too much for oilier skins.

Should you really dislike products with fragrances then you’ll love this one. The subtle scent is hardly noticeable.

It’s an absolute godsend should you have to work long hours with no time for touching up or reapplying your make-up. Or even for those wonderful celebrations or special events where you want to look your best for hours on end. Just imagine having such a good time that you forget to check out your make-up and when you eventually go to the bathroom you see that you look a mess. Those days are now a thing of the past thanks to L’Oréal.

For the older woman who wants to hide the signs of aging, this is also a must. With its creamy texture it covers up all those fine lines and wrinkles perfectly. Just be careful if you suffer from acne as it could aggravate the problem.

Many of today’s women regularly post photos of themselves in the social media. If you use primer under your foundation you’ll always be sure of looking good in those instant photos that you take. All those beautiful women that you’ve always envied have probably only reached this result by using primer.

This base is completely reliable although its consistency is different to other primers. Being as it is affordable and also dependable it’s just the right choice for most women.

Don’t delay, try it today!

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