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Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer Review: Give Your Skin That Professional Touch

What would a woman’s life be without make-up? Just the idea of leaving the house bare faced would be a nightmare for many. We rely on it to make us look good. And it gives us confidence to face the day ahead of us knowing we look good. But just imagine you were stranded on a desert island and were only allowed one item of make-up. Which one would you choose? Most women’s answer to this would be a primer or foundation.

A primer is an ideal product for covering those bags under your eyes and hiding your wrinkles. It’s also perfect for covering any scars or minimizing redness. In all, it’s a wonder product as it gives your skin a much brighter, clearer look. And let’s face it; who wants their skin to look tired!

A primer should be used under your foundation to help it stay on longer and make you look fresh. For those who have scarring or redness we recommend a mattifying primer. This will give a much smoother look to your skin.

If you’re looking to buy one of top products on the market then read the following review on the Givenchy Mister Mat.

What To Look For

Your personal needs should be taken into consideration before you go out and purchase any make-up product. Because your mother or sister love using one product doesn’t mean that that same product will be good for you. So before you buy a primer consider the following questions.

  • Are you looking for something to hide the redness of your skin?
  • Are you embarrassed about the large pores that are still visible when you wear foundation?
  • Does your oily skin look even shinier when you wear make-up?
  • Do you suffer from acne and need something that will help to clear it?
  • Do you need a product to moisturize your dry skin and give it a smooth look?
  • How important is a product that contains sunscreen for protection when you are outdoors?
  • Is your skin covered in blemishes? Or do you need a product that covers any uneven tone of your skin? If so, the tone of the primer you buy will be important.
  • Have you already considered your budget? It’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend so that you don’t impulse buy an expensive product that you can’t afford. Or are you looking for a product you know you can rely on even though it’s an expensive top quality brand?

Before making a purchase, it’s extremely important that you check out the tone of the prime. It needs to be compatible to your skin tone. For anyone with a reddish skin tone, you’ll need to buy a primer with a slight green tone to hide this.

When purchasing a primer or foundation you really need to be aware of your skin type and what kind of product suits you. Sufferers of dry, flaky skin need a completely different product to anyone who has an oily skin. People with dry skin often find that their foundation doesn’t last long enough so a primer is essential. But forget those matte products as they could emphasize your problem instead of enhancing your skin.

A skin primer is a must if you want your make-up to look almost as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. According to many women, the best makeup primer is the Mister Mat from Givenchy. It’s suitable for people with dry or with oily skin. Check out the following information to see if it is the right product for you.

What Are The Product Specs


Are you looking for a product that will fit easily into your purse or your pocket? The Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer will do just this. Although it is small in size there is enough to last quite a while. Measuring 1.4 x 1.4 x 4.6 ins. and weighing 0.3 ozs. it’s small enough to fit anywhere. Also it’s a product that you can really rely on.

The tube packaging means that it is easy to use. Just squeeze a little on your fingertip. This is much more hygienic than the products that sell in bottles. You need to apply them with a brush but squeezing this product out of a tube is much cleaner and more convenient.

As one of its ingredients is an extract from silicone gum, it will help hydrate your skin. This is really one of the most important features of a primer. It’s a must for anyone with oily skin as it also helps to minimize the shine.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect application to be really smooth due to its creamy texture. Many primers have a tint, but the givenchy makeup is completely clear. Although it has a slight fragrance it’s not overbearing. It will give your skin that wonderful glow you’re longing for without making it look shiny. It’s an ideal product if you have a normal skin, but not so good for extremely oily or extremely dry skin types. Granted, many other products have a stronger mattifying effect, but this mattifying primer is without doubt enough to reduce any shine.

While reducing the shine on your skin this product also allows it to breathe. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new product. As a lightweight, breathable product it is so effective that it’s certainly one worth considering.

What Are The Benefits?

If a product doesn’t provide you with exactly what you expect then you’ll have wasted your money. So before you purchase anything check out the benefits of what we consider the best face primer on the market.

  • It blends in easily due to the creamy texture so application is simple.
  • It doesn’t leave you with the heavy feeling you get with many primers. It will reduce any shine but still feel soft and smooth.
  • You can be sure that it will last throughout the day so it’s especially good for those special occasions.
  • You’ll certainly get the even coverage you need if you skin tone is uneven, or if you have any blemishes or blotches you want to cover.
  • It’s suitable as a base for many different kinds of foundation.
  • You won’t find that your pores clog or that your skin breaks out if you suffer from oily skin.
  • The fragrance is just right if you like fragranced products. It has a floral, feminine, delicate smell.
  • The size is perfect as it fits everywhere. It’s also convenient to use and more hygienic than many products.
  • You’ll be pleased with the clear look it gives your skin as it covers it smoothly.

Should you be looking to reduce any shine to your skin and give it a more uniform look, then this mattifying primer is just the thing for you.


When Should You Use It?

It’s essential that you use it when you know that you need to look good for hours on end and don’t have the time to refresh your make-up. It’s all very well leaving the house in the morning looking exceptionally good. But you certainly don’t want to look like a wet rag half way through the day.

For such days the Givenchy foundation will come to your aid. It has just the right texture to enable your foundation to stay put throughout the day.  Without it you’ll find your self-confidence ebbing away by the afternoon as you know you no longer look so good. For that reason a primer is essential.

Also, you may look good leaving the house in the morning but by the time you get to your car your foundation has run because it’s raining. Or it may even have melted away in the hot sun. As a primer helps foundation to stick to your skin you’ll no longer be faced with this problem.

It’s excellent if you have oily skin and you’re looking to prevent it from shining when you wear foundation. It is the best makeup primer to give you a non-shiny look that will last throughout the day.

You may not feel the need to wear primer on a daily basis, but there’ll certainly be a special occasion when you’ll benefit from it. Maybe you have a photo shoot or a wedding where you want to look extra special. As it comes in a small packaging you can take it everywhere with you to use as you need it.

This Givenchy makeup is just the right thing for you when you know you won’t have time to reapply your make-up.


Tips For Application

Unlike a foundation that needs to cover your face, primer should only be applied to your nose, chin and forehead. Many people also apply it to their eyelids, but this is not really necessary.

As with all make-up, your skin should be completely clean before application. It also needs to be completely dry as primer doesn’t work on wet skin. If your skin is normal or dry it is advisable to apply moisturizer first. But be sure it’s massaged in well be you apply your primer.

Once this is done, it’s time to squeeze small amounts onto your fingertips. This needs to be rubbed into your skin just the same way as you would rub in foundation. If you prefer to use a sponge for application then be careful not to miss those little crevices that you would otherwise reach with your fingers.

As soon as you’re certain that you’ve got an even coverage you can apply your foundation. But for best results leave it to dry for five minutes before proceeding with your make-up. That way there’ll be no chance of it getting rubbed away.

What To Use It With

Although some primers come in colors they shouldn’t be used instead of a foundation. Instead they should be used to enhance your make-up. Without an application of foundation on top of primer you’ll find your skin looks strange. It will only work if you wear it alone on skin that is perfectly blemish free and has an even tone. But only use it then for those days where you want a bit more sparkle to your skin but don’t want to wear make-up.

To be sure that you don’t get that shiny look, you should buy a foundation that is oil-free. Should the oil-free variety not be matte enough for you then you’ll need to look for one that gives a more matte effect.

For anyone who has problems with their skin tone or needs to cover blemishes, a colored primer that matches your foundation is the best choice. You’ll need to spend a little time in finding the right product for you, but once you do there’ll be no looking back.

Is This Product For You?

Of course, this depends on what you need it for. For extremely oily skin you may need to look for a product that is more mattifying. But if your skin is only slightly oily it will help to reduce the shine and give you coverage that will last throughout the day.

A colored primer isn’t for you if you don’t have an extremely red skin tone or you’re just looking to even out the tone of your skin. So the Givenchy Mister Mat is just right anyone who has problem-free skin because of its clear tone. You won’t need to worry about getting the color combination you need to match your foundation and it will last all day.

Should those fine lines and wrinkles that have suddenly appeared be worrying you. Then this is the ideal product to hide them. Primer will even out the skin so that foundation goes on more evenly. Foundation alone often emphasizes wrinkles, but foundation applied on top of primer will help hide them.

So now is the time to consider whether this is the product you want to purchase.

It’s definitely recommendable if you have normal or slightly oily skin. Of course, it’s more expensive than any product you can buy at the drug store. But the benefits it offers make it money worth spending.

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