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Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow Review: Make Your Eyes Pop With These Amazing Products

When looking at people, what part of their face do you notice first? Most people will answer: ‘their eyes’. That means that people looking at you will also focus on your eyes first, so it’s important that they always look good. But how can you do this? That’s an easy question to answer – by using a designer eye shadow. Of course, you could just go to the local drug store and purchase any old product. But do you really expect to get the best results from that? If you’re looking for a product that’s eye catching you won’t have to spend time testing various products. No need for that – you’ll have all you need if you purchase the Dior 5-color All-in-One Artistry Palette.

Have you ever thought about how eye shadow completely enhances your look? Just think about the morning after that night of partying! No way will you have felt or looked good after it! But by applying the right color eye shadow that suits your personality and also your eyes, you’ll be confident that you look your best.

With this Dior product you’ll also be confident that your eyes are getting the best treatment affordable. It’s not a cheap product, but you’ll soon realize its value when you are faced with the results of it.

Check through our dior eyeshadow review which will give you more information on the product. Then after purchasing it you’ll know just what a miracle worker it is.


Product Specification


What more can you wish for than an eye shadow palette with colors that are unique! The dior eyeshadow palette will give you just that. What’s more you’ll have a choice of 5 colors to match not only to your personality, but also to match the mood you’re in. Perhaps you’re looking for a bold smoky look.  No problem you’ll be able to combine colors to obtain this look. There are two brushes supplied with it – one is to apply the shadow, the other is to apply the gel type eye liner. This can be used as eyeliner or as eyeshadow. It’s up to you.

The palette contains a base color and also a darker color that can be used as eye liner. Besides these there’s a crease color, a highlighter and a lid color. You’ll find everything you need for achieving that stunning look.

For reassurance when you’re out, there a mirror to check that you look good. You won’t need to worry about anything spilling out into your makeup bag either, as it clips closed.  You won’t want to spoil your date just because your eye shadow has spilled into your purse.


What Can You Expect

The dior makeup kit comes with a choice of 5 eyeshadow colors. You’ll even be able to use the darker color as eye liner. As the product is smooth, you’ll find that it’s easy to apply and will even soften your eyelids.

One of the main advantages is that this product is offered in a variety of colors – you just need to choose a palette that offers the colors that suit you best. You won’t even have to worry about reapplying it when you’re at the office or at a special celebration as it’s long lasting.

For anyone who prefers using an eyeliner pencil, the gel may not be exactly the right thing for you. It does take a little getting used to, but it’s worth persevering with.


What Benefits To Expect?


There are a lot of top rated eyeshadow palettes on the market, but this one really must be amongst the best. Reading through reviews of the product you’ll see just how much praise it gets from women everywhere. This isn’t surprising when you think about the high quality it offers for a product that is completely dependable. Wherever you look, you’ll find that it’s rated amongst the top options. What else could you possibly expect from Dior!

Are you still a little bit skeptical about whether it’s the right product for you? If so, check through the following list of the benefits you can expect from this Dior product. Maybe they’ll convince you.

  • It really is one of the longest lasting products on the market. You’ve possibly never considered that your eye shadow should really last you as long as your eyeliner. And don’t forget the importance of eye shadow to your appearance. Think about those long hours at work where you need to look your best at all times. Or even those special occasions where you want to impress people with how you look. By purchasing the dior 5 color eyeshadow palette you can be confident that you will look good as it lasts for hours.
  • One of the main benefits is that it is rich in pigmentation. This is just what you need if you’re looking to enhance your eyes. The bold color of the Dior product will guarantee this. You won’t need to be concerned that the color wears off after a couple of hours either as it’s long lasting. The richness of the color will last throughout the day (or night!)
  • You won’t have to purchase an extra eyeliner unless you prefer to use a special type. The dark color in the palette can also be used as eyeliner. Just be careful when applying it. Due to the texture of it, the color is stronger so you’ll get the right effect.
  • However small your purse, you’ll be able to carry it with you. If you don’t want to take a purse out with you, you’ll even be able to fit it into your pocket. Even though it’s small in size, you’ll get all you need from it. Some products are so bulky that it’s impossible to carry them around with you. You’d need a second one to use when traveling. It’s every woman’s dream come true. It’s a portable product that offers you variety and will always make you look good.
  • Due to its smooth texture, application is simple. Whereas with some products you need to apply more than once, that’s not the case with the dior makeup kit. One application is enough! This really is an advantage when you’re applying your makeup under time pressure.
  • Many palettes only come with two colors while Dior offers a product with 5 colors. What’s more you’ll also find your choice of color amongst the great variety of colors they offer. You’ll either be able to use the colors alone or mix them all together to make a bolder color. You’ll be able to mix and match as the fancy takes you. Gone are the days where you needed to buy a new product when you wanted a different look. Now you’ll be able to enhance your eyes in many different ways with just one product. You’ll also be saving an awful lot of space in your make-up bag.
  • You’ll be able to rely on this product completely. It delivers what it promises without it costing you an arm and a leg. If it’s color you’re looking for, then that’s what you’ll get. As it’s rich in color you’ll also be sure of it lasting throughout the day.


When Should You Use It

It’s not a cheap product, but you’ll definitely get value for your money. Maybe you won’t want to use it on a daily basis because of the price. Then just use it when you know that you’ll need to look your absolute best. Then you’ll be able to rely on it to give you the exact look your aiming for just when you need it.

No matter what the occasion, you can be sure of it lasting. Whether you need it for wearing to work or for going out on the town it really is ‘the’ one.

As it will make you feel so good, you’ll soon find that you won’t want to leave home without wearing it.


Tips For Applying It

It’s an easy product to apply, but should you want the result to be perfect take a look at our tips first.

  • Make sure that you remove any cream or lotion from your eyelids before applying. If you don’t you’ll only end up with your eye shadow looking shiny. It’s not easy to apply on oily surfaces.
  • If you’re in the habit of using primer, make sure you use it before applying eye shadow. Also whatever the reason you use primer – for reducing dark circles around the eyes or because of a sallow skin, the primer should dry completely before application.
  • Always use the lighter base color to start with. There is a slight shimmer to it, but it works as a great base for the color you choose to wear.
  • Once you’ve done this you can add the color of your choice to your lids. Whichever color you choose make sure it accentuates your eyes. You can either choose to wear the color alone or, for effect, mix some colors together. By mixing you’ll have an unlimited choice of shades.
  • You’ll also find a crease color in the palette. This will help accentuate your eyes completely. As the color is bold and high in pigmentation you’ll need to apply it to the outer creases for the best results.
  • For that little bit extra you can use the highlighter as a shimmer. It really is dual purpose as you can use it alone or apply it on top of any other color. Using it alone will add a glimmer or using it as a topcoat you’ll be able to enhance your eyes even more.
  • Last, but not least, is the eyeliner. You may or may not want to use it. But to really enhance your eyes you can use it on top of your normal eyeliner. Just be aware that it’s not suitable if you have oily eyelids as it has a gel like texture.

Two brushes are included in the palette, but it’s always worth keeping more on hand for applying your base color. You’ll really get the best out of your product then.



What Products Should It Be Used With?

You really don’t need any other product as you’ll be provided with eyeliner in the palette. But if you want to go that little step further you could try out the following products.

  • Eye primer
  • Eye liner
  • Eye brow make-up
  • Mascara

There are many of these products in the Dior range so you can be sure of having a product of top quality to combine with your eyeshadow. If you already use a product that you’re comfortable with, just use that. Just be sure that it’s also a top quality product to be certain of getting the result you want that will last as long as you need it to.


Is This The Right Product For You?

This is just the right product for you should you be looking at top rated eyeshadow palettes and want one that’s long lasting. It’s not the cheapest product on the market, but it really is good value for money as it offers a lot. Also you can be sure of it delivering what it promises.

If you’re looking for something cheap then this is not the right product for you. Although it’s excellent value for money, if your budget won’t allow it, you’ll need to leave it on the shelf.

Should you wear eye shadow regularly and wear it thick then you’ll adore this dior eyeshadow palette. The rich colors it offers certainly won’t disappoint you.

Whether you’re looking for eye shadow to wear on a daily basis or only for special occasions this one is really a must have. Should you want a product you can depend on and are willing to pay the price you’ll be happy with it. You’ll be sure of having a color that will last and is also eye catching. Can you really expect anything more?

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