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5 Best Pore Filler Choices: Hide Large Pores And Acne For A Professional Makeup Finish

The conscientious woman of today is continually seeking a way to improve her looks, whether she’s looking for something for her lips, skin, eyelashes or eyebrows. Not surprisingly there is a big market for products that will improve your looks by enhancing your top features and hiding your worst ones.

Needless to say, large pores are a feature that nobody is happy with. But there’s not a lot you can do about if it’s something you’ve had since birth. Another problem is acne scars that you need to hide or even any other kind of scarring you are self-conscious about. Luckily, today’s woman can use pore fillers to cover all those scars or large pores.

Perhaps you are not aware that the product also has another name: that is ‘primer’. Really speaking the name doesn’t make any difference; whatever you call it, it’s still effective. But if you’re looking for something to alter your appearance then you need a good primer.  By purchasing the best primer for large pores and acne scars you’ll be able to hide any imperfections that show even when you wear make-up. It’s a great base to give you a smooth, flawless look.

5 Top Recommendations

To find the right product regarding quality and price, check out the following fillers for acne scars, large pores or wrinkles. There’s surely one amongst them that will suit your needs.

1. No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer

Were you surprised to see fine lines and wrinkles last time you looked in the mirror? It catches up with everyone at some time when you get older but by using a primer you can minimize these lines. For a primer that has a silky-smooth texture that will feel light on your skin and is easy to apply, you need the No7 Instant Illusions Primer.  This product is long-lasting as you only need to use a little for each application. So, looking at the price-amount ratio it is good value for money.

Should your skin get easily irritated when you use make-up, this product is an ideal solution to your problem. It is hypo-allergenic so there will be no adverse reaction to worry about. As a primer, it will cover up your large pores excellently, but can also be used as a foundation for anyone with an even skin tone.


  • Application is simple as it is easy to blend
  • You’ll be surprised at how well it minimizes any fine lines
  • It’s completely safe if you suffer from allergies or are prone to acne
  • As the texture is soft, it lets your skin breathe so it doesn’t seem as if you are wearing a mask

  • It’s rather more expensive than other brands but is definitely good value for money
  • Should you suffer from oily skin, maybe it’s not the right product for you


2. Touch in Sol-No Pore Blem Primer

Application of the Touch in Sol is simple due to its gel texture. Your skin will look brighter and healthier because of the slightly pink tint of the product. It’s great as a base for your foundation as it helps to even out the tone of your skin. It will give you just the smooth coverage that you need if you have any large pores or wrinkles that you are looking to cover. It will also give your skin a soft feel and allow it to breathe.

It’s an ideal product if you have oily skin as it controls sebum. You’ll no longer have to worry about your skin looking shiny half way through the day. But it’s not only suitable for oily skin; it’s also great if you have dry skin as it has a smooth soft texture.

This is the right product for you if you want a pore filler that is effective yet lightweight. Although it’s more expensive than a drug store brand, it’s still good value for money considering its quality and how effective it is.



  • Because of its smooth breathable texture, you’ll be guaranteed a natural look
  • It’s suitable whether your skin is dry or oily
  • It helps even out your skin tone, which will give you a better appearance

  • It’s not as effective as higher priced brands
  • Although it minimizes the fine lines, they won’t be hidden completely


3. NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler

Should you want a product with no frills then the NYX is the one. It’s even completely affordable. No need to worry if you suffer from acne, this product is oil free so it’s absolutely safe. As it comprises of Vitamin E your skin will feel smooth and any large pores will be covered.

For women scarred through acne or for those who have an uneven skin, this primer provides a slight tint. As the texture is smooth it’s ideal as a base for foundation. Again, no need to worry if your skin is oily, it really helps to minimize the shine. It’s a product that you’ll soon forget that you’re wearing as it is so lightweight.

Should you be looking for a primer as backup or just for those special occasions you won’t need to look any further.



  • Suitable if your skin is oily
  • Ideal for uneven toned skin due to its tint
  • If your budget is tight it’s still affordable

  • There’s not much of it
  • The smell is a little strange so you’d need time to grow used to it


4. REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer

Whether you want to look good for a photo shooting or for photos of special occasions this primer will give you that flawless look that you need. As it has a gel texture application is smooth. It will help to minimize your pores and also brighten your skin as it has a somewhat pink tint.

For those with an intolerance to many ingredients used in products, the REVLON primer great as it is free of talc, oil, paraben and fragrance. You’ll forget that you are wearing it as it feels so silky on your skin. Although it is lightweight it still offers perfect coverage and color. Each application only needs a little primer so it will last for ages.

You can use the REVLON pore filler on its own or as a base for foundation. For busy women, this is the ideal product considering its affordability and its durability.


  • Applies evenly as it has a smooth light texture
  • Is suitable for anyone suffering with allergies due to its safe ingredients
  • A little goes a very long way

  • It looks cakey if you use too much
  • Application is not so easy


5. e.l.f Studio Mineral Infused Face Prime

Are you looking for something that is affordable and also reliable? If so, the e.l.f. pore filler is a superb choice. It’s ideal if you’re just looking for a base for your foundation should you have an even skin tone. Maybe you want something that doesn’t feel as if you’ve caked it on. Then you’ll appreciate this product as it is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe.

Due to its smooth silky texture application is simple. It will give you just enough cover and is excellent as a base for foundation. Luckily you don’t need to use much for each application as the e.l.f. primer bottle is rather on the small side. Should you have intolerance to any fragranced make-up, you won’t need to worry about this product. Although it has a slight smell, it’s not overpowering. What’s more, it great if you’re looking to minimize any redness on your skin.


  • Application is simple as it has a silky smooth texture
  • It covers well
  • A great help in minimizing redness

  • There is less product in the bottle than it seems
  • Not really suitable for oily skin


When Should Primer Be Used?

It’s always a matter of personal preference when to use any make-up. Maybe you don’t like leaving the house without having full coverage. Or maybe you like to keep that full coverage for those special occasions. Whatever you are looking for the best pore filler will help to give you the coverage that you need.

For any photo shoot or special events where you need to look good all day long, you can be confident that a primer will give you that flawless look.

Should you skin be looking tired or start to look older then it’s time to invest in a primer to make you look more youthful. It’s a product that can be used at any time.

How Will Primer Help You?

You’ve possibly noticed that your foundation no longer gives you the full coverage that you need because of those large pores or fine wrinkles. Then a pore filler is just what you need as it acts as a base for it.

A Pore filler does just what the name says – it fills out the pores that foundation doesn’t cover. It works at hiding the large pores, wrinkles and scars. If you buy the best primer for pores and wrinkles and apply it correctly you’ll find that your skin looks youthful and healthy again.

Choosing The Right Primer For You

Knowing the best wrinkle filler primer to choose means knowing what your skin needs. Whichever product you choose will more than likely cover your pores well, but there are more factors to be considered before making a purchase. Should you be considering buying one of the products mentioned above then first ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you looking for something to cover redness or to minimize that sallow look? Then a product that can ‘color-correct’ your skin is what you need. For covering redness, you should look for a primer with a green tint. But sallow skin needs a brighter appearance so look for a purple tinted product. While a pink tint will give you a healthy glow.
  • Is it extra coverage that you need? Some tinted pore fillers even help to give your foundation that extra coverage. This is especially important if you have an uneven skin tone. But be sure to choose a primer that will match well to the color of your foundation.
  • Do you have oily skin? Most people with oily skin complain that their skin looks sweaty when they wear make-up. If that’s the case, you’ll need a mattifying primer.
  • Is your skin dry? Then keep well away from any mattifying primer. It will just make your skin drier. You need to check out which primer is suitable for normal or dry skin.
  • Do you need a product that will moisturize your skin? Your nightly skin care routine may be enough for you, but purchasing a product that also offers to moisturize your skin is the ultimate. Don’t forget to check out the ingredients of the product to ensure that they are all safe and won’t cause any irritation.
  • How much coverage do you expect? For anyone who has exceptionally large pores the best products are silicone based. They fill in the pores better than water-based products so you can expect your foundation to go on smoother. Just be sure to check first that you don’t have a silicone allergy.

The most important thing is that you choose pore filler makeup that is dependable. You don’t want to waste money by purchasing a product that has the wrong texture or color for your skin. Try testing a few on your skin before deciding which one to buy. Finding the right one might not be easy, but once you’ve found it your make-up routine will become simpler.


Whether your skin is dry or oily, red or sallow, or you’re just looking for something to cover those acne scars or large pores then a primer is the perfect solution. Pore fillers are just what you need to give you a better appearance and make your skin look flawless. Any blemishes will be hidden and they also act as a great base to help your foundation last all day.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear on a daily basis or just something for those special occasions a pore filler is a must have. The products mentioned above are amongst the best in pore filler makeup that you’ll find.

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