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Best Matte Lipstick of 2017

Best Matte Lipstick

Best Matte Lipstick

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Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


MAC Matte Lipstick


What is the Best Matte Lipstick?

Though lipsticks have been a staple and essential make up in every girl’s beauty regime since time immemorial, its popularity and continuous innovation still doesn’t show signs of halting any time soon. From the ever-popular stick lipsticks that even your grandmother has, lipsticks have entered an innovation galore that produced countless types of lipsticks. Out of all the lot, the best matte lipstick is certainly the one that’s most talked about today.

Gorgeous, elegant and incredibly kissable lips – this sums up what the best matte lipstick brings to the appearance of a gal which has made it incredibly renowned and demanded all across the globe. With its popularity at its highest, there are tons of girls who seek that one lipstick that will exceed their expectations and stand above the others.

However, not every matte lipsticks out there work just as excellent as the others. There are some out there that even fails to impress, bringing incredibly drying results that will truly disappoint you. Evidently, you should invest a lot of time and effort in searching for the best matte lipstick, but if you don’t want to be hassled any further, just try one of the lipsticks in this list that may just end up giving you the Holy Grail lipstick you’ve been dying to have.

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color

When picking out the best possible choice out of the long list of choices in the makeup industry today, the most ideal step is to thin out the herd by picking one of the most trusted and reliable brand that never fails to amaze everyone in different makeup categories.

Bobbi Brown definitely fit the bill perfectly and as you may expect, they definitely have an iconic matte lip color that you’ll surely love to add to your beauty regime instantly. This easy-to-apply, matte lipstick is absolutely creamy and goes seamlessly over your lips without drying it. However, once it settles, you’ll find your lips brimming with elegance and sophistication through the matte finish it renders.

This lip color is highly pigmented, rendering you with intense, vibrant color in a single sweep, which will also stay for hours of usage without fading. It also moisturizes, nourishes and conditions your lips through its innovative blend or formula of emollients that will bring you more alluring and bold finish that will accompany you all throughout the day.


  • Possess incredibly intense and high-pigmented formula that will give you vibrant, bold and alluring lips in a single sweep.
  • Comes in a moisturizing, nourishing and creamy formula that will seamlessly glide over your lips for a one-sweep application.
  • Filled with emollient blend formula that allows it to render nourishing and moisturizing effect.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the most moisturizing as some users still experienced drying.

2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

One of the favorite pick of beauty experts, enthusiasts and other makeup users today when it comes to this category, is this Nars Matte Lip pencil that opens a whole new set of possibility to your overall look. It comes in a plethora of shades to choose from while handing out benefits that a lip pencil and lipstick will give to you.

It comes in a lip pencil form, offering its precise and easy application, for the perfect pouty lips that will surely make you look more kissable and alluring than ever. Though it comes in lip pencil form, its tip renders a creamy formula that effortlessly glides over your lips, distributing its superb formula with equal distribution and no hassle at all.

It works in a creamy way during application, however it settles into a fine, sexy matte finish that definitely won’t dry out those lips of yours for the entire day. This is made possible through the enriched formula of the product that’s integrated and infused with lots of user-friendly ingredients like silicone, Vitamin E and Emollients. This award-winning lipstick has always astounded users who have tried it which only makes it even more enticing to purchase.


  • Has a creamy formula that glides seamlessly over the lips and create a gorgeous, pouty lips in a single sweep.
  • Comes in lip pencil form which offers superior precision in application for a more gorgeous finish you’ll surely love.
  • Infused with stunning ingredients that will nourish your lips and protect it which includes silicone, vitamin e and emollients.
  • Comes in many shades.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the most long-wearing product.

3. MAC Matte Lipstick

When it comes to lipstick, MAC definitely won’t be left out in any discussions and that’s evident especially if you’ve already tried their line of lipsticks that serves vibrant and true-to-color shades that’ll definitely amplify your appearance by a wide margin.

This full-coverage lipstick with creamy consistency is very easy to apply. With one single glide, your lips will be transformed into a kissable, pouty and extremely alluring lips that’ll definitely switch the limelight to your direction wherever you go. There are tens and tens of hues in the matte line of products from MAC and each of them will certainly make its way to your list of favorites.

This iconic product will truly leave you with a mesmerizing appearance that would make you want to collect them all. Not to mention, it is also raved for its incredibly long-lasting formula that will stay true for the rest of the day without needing to reapply it.


  • Has creamy, full-coverage formula that will allow you to easily and flawlessly apply it over your lips.
  • Possess a wide array of matte hues that will leave you wanting to collect them all.
  • Incredibly long-lasting formula that will stay true and won’t fade for the entire day.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it settles on the cracks of lips which makes it flake and imperfect.

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