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Best Mascara for Straight Lashes of 2017

Best Mascara for Straight Lashes

Most gals today definitely have started playing with dolls when they were little, even myself, and unknowingly, we had that inner desire to be as gorgeous as our dolls, most especially their enticing and drop-dead gorgeous, curly lashes. Who wouldn’t want to have such bold, curled and sexy lashes that just makes our eyes brim with luster and beauty, right? However, some of us just have that dilemma for stubborn lashes and getting the best mascara for straight lashes to counter it is definitely not easy.

What makes it hard to get the best mascara for straight lashes is the fact that the options in the market today is overwhelming and if that doesn’t make it hard enough, chip in the all-too familiar scenarios where some products fail to do what they’ve claimed they can do. With such hurdle in our way, it’s undoubtedly hard to get to your Holy Grail product without experiencing tripping a single time or two.

Though difficult, it’s definitely not impossible to get your hands on mouthwatering best mascara for straight lashes that will fit your beauty regime like a puzzle, especially now that we have the internet. I have done the assignment of searching the net and have formulated this list of some of the best mascara for straight lashes that will truly give you the kind of end result you seek.

1. Guerlain Le 2 De Guerlain Mascara



Splurging and giving your pocket a serious strain with this sophisticated mascara is something that you’ll definitely find incredibly tempting. Though highly expensive, the feature of this divine mascara is definitely going to be worth it to the point where you’ll dream for it. As the name suggests, this epic mascara has 2 brushes on it that renders a unique beauty experience.

The most common scenario for other mascara with two brushes is that the other one is a primer, however this one is different because they both revel on the same formula. What they differ from each other is their size. The other one is regular brush while the other is a mini one.

The mini wand basically gives you the capability to reach every corner of your eyelashes, redefining your whole beauty regime and allowing you to give your eyelashes equal, bold appearance you’ll definitely love. This gorgeous mascara comes in a luxurious-looking golden tube and it unquestionably works perfectly in bringing voluminous, curled, long and redefined lashes that’s guaranteed to make a scene wherever you go.

  • Sophisticated mascara that is proven to be effective in giving your lashes a voluminous, long, curled and redefined lashes that you’ll certainly love.
  • Comes in two brushes that evenly distributes the formula over your lashes for a perfect finish.
  • Unique small brush provides you the capability to curl and redefine every lashes you have and even the ones that’s placed closest to your tear duct.

  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Water soluble which makes the formula smear when exposed near tear duct for quite some time.

2. Urban Decay Perversion



You definitely don’t know dark, bold lashes if you still haven’t used this exemplary mascara that will totally blow your mind with its amazingly seductive, fierce-inducing effects that will render you addicted to what it does. Your appeal will surely skyrocket with this ultra-creamy mascara that will seamlessly make its way on your lashes, creating more voluminous and longer-looking, curled lashes that will make you the envy of all onlookers out there.

It has full coverage that can give you full effects in a single stroke, making it a must-have for those who are craving for the best. The intensity of this perversion mascara has been raved by users all over the world and that’s because on top of its stunning and awe-inspiring bold effects, it balances it with a texture that’s just right which also makes it incredibly buildable. Even if you’re already on the third coat of the day, you’ll still get a seductive, even outcome that you’ll surely love.

This is also treated as a Holy Grail Mascara for some beauty enthusiast out there because it also integrated a nourishing formula with marine glycogen, Hairdensyl, Honey and even Sea-idrolized elastine. It promotes growth of lashes, stimulate, nourish and protect it. Its brush is also innovatively designed to give you the perfect, clump-free and gorgeous finish you’ll certainly want to brag everywhere.

  • Has intense, black and bold formula that’s creamy and incredibly buildable which will help you to have seductive lashes that are curled, voluminous and lengthened to perfection.
  • Infused with healthy formula that promotes lash growth, stimulate, nourish and protect lashes.
  • Has perfectly designed brush that provides clump-free, perfectly distributed formula, which will maximize the result.

  • Expensive.
  • Some users had a hard time removing it.
  • There are certain scenarios where it smudged or flaked.

3. Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara



Wherever you go on the internet, you’ll surely find this mascara in most lists. It truly lives up to its name of being Iconic as it has become a cult favorite in the industry and the whole world.

This waterproof mascara is an upgrade to the ever-revered Iconic product from Dior, which partners its stellar formula with durability and long-lasting effect that will allow you to indulge on perfect beauty a lot longer than other mascara can do. Its creamy formula blends evenly throughout your lashes while the sophisticated brush it has with an oblique cut, makes it easy to get a curled, voluminous lashes in no time at all.

Its brush have long, thin and precise tips, giving you superior accuracy with your application. It can make your lashes appear a lot bolder, longer and more alluring than ever, which will last within a clump-free, flake-free and smudge-proofed day, giving you nothing to worry about with your beauty regime ever again.

  • iconic Mascara that provides supreme lengthening, volumizing and curling effect.
  • Comes in waterproof, smudge-proofed, clump-free and flake-free formula that’s also creamy and seamlessly blends with your lashes.
  • Has sophisticated brushes that evenly and easily distributes the formula with precision and accuracy.

  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who claimed that the waterproof prowess of the product is lacking.

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