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5 Best Lip Primer Products: How To Get Longer Lasting Results With A Professional Touch

From the perfect eyeshadow for your gorgeous eyes to the products that enhance the shape of your lips, makeup can do wonders. It can bring out your best features, hide the tired ones, and enhance the best of you.

Every woman has their favorite item. For some women, it’s their lip makeup. For others, it’s the products that bring out their eyes or even out their skin tone. Whichever is yours, you probably want the best that can be found. Right?

Are you a girl who loves her mouth makeup? If so, you may be looking for any item that can add to your already fantastic collection. May we suggest a lip primer and plumper? At the very least, a primer? To help make your search quicker and easier, we have compiled lip primer reviews on some of the best ones around.

From items that help to moisturize chapped lips to ones that make lipstick stay on for hours, you’ll find some great options. Discover the one that will work best for you and your needs. Some of these products are from very well-known brands while others may be news for you. Either way, each one has something unique and special that makes it worth consideration.

Our Top 5 Best Lip Primer Picks

1.Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer

As we get older, sometimes we need special products that can enhance our good looks. It also helps when they hide or fight the aging effects. This Mary Kay product is a big yes for mature woman who want something that helps to plump and soften lips. With time our lips tend to wrinkle and look less luscious than before. With this TimeWise primer, all that can change.

It works well for those who love matte lipsticks but who want to avoid the dry sensation. It also benefits women who may find it difficult to apply lipstick over taut lips. For those who want to avoid aging quickly, this primer also has ingredients that help to keep your mouth moisturized. It also benefits those who are looking for something that will help makeup stay on longer. If you find that your lipstick runs after eating or doesn’t stay on all day, try this primer.

  • It is one of the few primers offering age-fighting results
  • It helps to smooth and soften
  • It helps your lipstick stay on for hours
  • It prevents feathering and bleeding

  • It has strong pigmentation
  • It tends to overpower lipsticks


2.Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil & Natural Lip Primer

This beauty could possibly be the best lip primer for chapped lips. For women who may have dry lips during the winter, there is nothing better than something that soothes. Plus, if it helps you look good on top of it, you’re winning! While it provides you with a smooth base for your lipstick, it provides you with moisturizing. Made with a blend of organic oils, you can trust that you are treating your lips to the best.

A special ingredient that many love is the peppermint oil. Not only is it good for your lips, but it leaves you with a fresh feel. If you’re a woman who suffers from allergies to most lipsticks, this natural gluten free, GMO free, and all-natural product is ideal. While it isn’t as cheap as a drugstore primer, it isn’t too costly either. If you love natural products, including your makeup, this is a great find for you. It’s slim packaging also makes it easy for you to take it anywhere you go.

  • It softens and moisturizes lips
  • It’s made from all-natural ingredients
  • It has slim packaging for go-to use
  • It feels fresh

  • It doesn’t plump as much as other options
  • Some people may not like the peppermint smell


3. Nyx Lip Primer Deep Nude

With a soft texture and color, this Nyx primer goes on wonderfully. It creates a smooth base for your lipstick to help it stay strong and beautiful throughout the day. It has a sleek body that is slim enough to fit anywhere, including your pocket. It stays on for a long time and helps to keep your lip color looking fabulous throughout the day. Because it’s so smooth, it goes on perfectly providing complete coverage. This means that your color will go over it evenly leaving you with a professional-looking result.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that will do what it’s meant to (provide a smooth base), this is what you want. It doesn’t cost much yet provides users with a smooth, soft feel on their lips for better lipstick application. It also provides a soft, moisturized feel that allows for less dry-feeling lips.

  • It’s small for easy, on-the-go use
  • It’s neutral color works for any lip color
  • It keeps your mouth feeling moisturized
  • It is affordable

  • It doesn’t prevent feathering
  • It doesn’t prevent flaking


4. DHC Lip Cream

The DHC Lip Cream is a unique product that can be used for more than just purpose. Perhaps that is what makes it a favorite for busy women. It conditions lips while ensuring that they stay moisturized with Vitamin E, Aloe, and olive oil. On top of being the perfect lip balm that does what it is mean to, it also works wonders as a primer.

Its ingredients also work wonders in keeping your lips protected from the effects of aging. If you have been looking for a natural product that can help to keep your lips feeling smooth, this is it. Best of all, it doesn’t cost that much and can be used for a variety of occasions.

  • It is a highly versatile lip product
  • It is affordable
  • It has natural, moisturizing ingredients
  • It has anti-aging ingredients

  • It may cause allergies for some
  • It isn’t as long-lasting as some other products


5. AsWeChange Anti-Feathering Lip Base

Another option for women who have found their faces changing over the years, the AsWeChange is a great product. If you have found that your lipstick tends to feather due to taut or aging lips, this lip base can change that. It helps to condition your lips and provide them with a smooth base for lipstick application.

A small primer in a swivel-style presentation, you can bring it with you anywhere you go. At such a low price, you can trust that using the AsWeChange won’t break the bank. While it leaves your lips feeling smooth, they won’t feel greasy with this option. If you don’t appreciate smells and too much color in your primer, you’ll appreciate this product.

  • It isn’t sticky
  • It is fragrance-free
  • It is highly affordable
  • It softens and plumps lips

  • It doesn’t last as long as other options
  • It can be difficult for creamy lipsticks to stick to it

When To Wear Them

Primer can be used whenever you want. If you’re the kind of girl that loves to wear full-makeup on a daily basis, the best lip primer belongs in your bag. If you tend to wear light makeup and only go full color for special occasions, lipstick primer may not be necessary.

Lip primer and plumper is especially beneficial for occasions where you want that lip color to last. From long workdays to special events, it can keep you from frantically reapplying over and over again. Certain kinds are also extremely beneficial for your lip health. If you suffer from chapped or dry lips, many products contain properties that moisturize. This also helps to soften your lips providing a better base for your makeup.


Features to Look For

As you consider the above products and look for the perfect one, you will want to consider your personal needs. What may work amazingly for Anastasia may not work well for Beverly. No two ladies are alike and neither are your makeup needs. Each one offers attractive features, but which one is best for you? Ask yourself the following questions before purchasing:

  • Are you concerned about getting fine lines? As you age, you may notice things about your face that you never did before? Are you noticing new lines on your mouth? Perhaps you’ll want to find one that helps to fight aging and keep your beautiful mouth looking supple and youthful?
  • Are your lips dry and chapped? Most primers help to take away the chapped look for easier makeup application. But, it is even better when they help to moisturize and get to the root of the problem. A perfect primer for dryness is one that includes moisturizing ingredients such as organic oils or aloe, etc. Also, if you have drier lips, you may appreciate how this type of primer helps matte finishes feel less dry and softer.
  • Do you often have to stay working for hours with no time for reapplying makeup? As someone who works long hours, you may find that you have no time to reapply makeup. It can be frustrating to want to look good all day but find it impossible to find long-lasting products. A primer can help you to keep that perfect color on throughout the day.
  • Are you willing to spend more for a good product? Some items cost more than others and before purchasing, you want to consider how much you are willing to spend. If one seems like the holy grail of makeup and like it could help make your life easier, spend money. It is worth it for something that will last and make you happy. Just be sure to read a review or two on it before taking a bite out of your wallet.
  • Are you concerned about the ingredients in your products? Some women have allergies to ingredients in typical makeup products. Even great brands from Sephora or Mac don’t work for them. Oftentimes, these women need something natural. Natural ingredients tend to work better for women with sensitive skin and can be good for you. If you’re concerned about the ingredients, look for organic options.

As you shop, consider what you like when it comes to makeup. Think about what makes you feel comfortable and about your favorite brands. Also, be willing to try something new if you feel you need it. A primer can change your day by making you feel beautiful, all day long.

You may have a friend who loves the all-natural kind of products. But, you personally appreciate brands like Nyx or Revlon, because you have always trusted them. Either way, you will be the one using the product, so focus on the best one for you. If you don’t have dry lips, don’t focus on moisturizer. Focus on price, perhaps. If you have very chapped lips, look for the one which promises to remedy this. After all, these products are meant to take make your life easier. If it doesn’t, why buy it.



From products for mature women to items that will make your lips feel softer than ever, there is something for everyone. What do you want for your everyday use? What will do the job its meant to do, for you? Do you prefer heavier pigmentation or less in your primer?

From the Mary Kay option to the perfect pocket primer from Nyx, you are bound to find the ideal one for your needs. Shopping for makeup can be time consuming and it isn’t always easy to find the one that you want. Do you love the ones on our list? What is your favorite primer? Happy shopping!

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