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Best Foundation Brush Of 2017

Best Foundation Brush

Best Foundation Brush

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Giorgio Armani Blender Brush


Shiseido Makeup Perfect Foundation Brush


Smashbox #13 Foundation Brush


What Is The Best Foundation Brush?

Even if you already have the best and most flattering foundation that will make you look more flawless and alluring than ever, it is still easy to mess up everything and turn your day upside down while the application stage. This scenario is not too rare across the globe and I know many experience disappointments as they apply a foundation and it turned out far from what you’ve expected. Don’t worry as the problem definitely doesn’t lie on your foundation, but on how you apply it. Have you asked yourself if you have the best foundation brush in your arsenal?

Some people tend to just apply their foundation with hands, while some unknowingly uses other brush or other applicator for it. However, there are specific brushes for each makeup and the best foundation brush will surely spell a huge difference to the result of your application. Not only does the best foundation brush equally and smoothly distribute the formula over your skin while guaranteeing that no breakout will happen, it also allows you to use the minimal amount of foundation so that it will go a longer way than you can imagine. To guarantee that you’ll have the best foundation brush up your sleeves, here are some of the products I’ve found to be most impeccable and fit for the job.

1. Giorgio Armani Blender Brush

This beauty of a brush has definitely spelled a huge difference to my beauty regime and I know that it will also do just that for you. Though it is advertised to work beautifully with the products from the brand itself, it is proven by many enthusiasts to work wonders with other foundation as well. It comes with a beautiful, simple handle and a tapered top with soft bristles that will surely render you a sweet and memorable experience every time you feel those bristles touch and ripple through your skin. This brush works wonders for liquid foundation as well and it marvelously takes up the right amount of formula and evenly distribute it over its user’s skin. It boasts an enticing, flawless and airbrush finish that will certainly make your heart skip a beat when you see how amazing its effects are, while also capturing the hearts and attention of anyone who lays their eyes on you.


  • Works wonderfully on Giorgio Armani Foundation and other foundations from other brands.
  • Gets the perfect amount of formula and delivers them equally over the skin.
  • Creates an alluring, airbrush and flawless finish you’ll love.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who didn’t prefer the synthetic bristles.

2. Shiseido Makeup Perfect Foundation Brush

Shiseido has been quite the rave of various enthusiasts and professionals these past few years and this foundation brush has easily made its way up in the rankings of foundation brushes, making it an occult-favorite of the industry. With its lavish-looking and sophisticated structure, you’ll surely know for an instant that it’s irrefutably the one you’ve been looking for. This versatile brush will render you with a natural-looking finish, topped with a full, flawless coverage you’ll love. Many innovative Technology of the brand has been integrated on this foundation with the goal of making it the perfect brush, thus its name. It will never absorb the formula, rather, it will carry it easily and evenly across your face to create a smooth, flawless finish you won’t get from other brands. The density of its soft bristles is also incredible and you surely won’t find it shedding or streaking even for a bit.


  • Provides exquisite flawless coverage.
  • Blends any type of foundation perfectly and creates an Airbrushed finish.
  • Has great, dense and soft bristles that are durable and won’t shed or streak.


  • Expensive.
  • Some didn’t quite like its small appearance.
  • Some users complained that the bristles sometimes falls apart when washed.

3. Smashbox #13 Foundation Brush

The slick and thin design of this #13 foundation brush is definitely something you won’t see in any other brushes out there which appears to be denser and bigger. Though some may have explicit their doubts on this brush, let me be the one to tell you that it will surely work. Just with a single glance, it is evident how durable this product is, which makes it a staple weapon in every girl’s arsenal, also known as their beauty kit. The bristles of this brush is irrefutably extra soft which will help you effortlessly apply the foundation formula across your face. It takes hold of the appropriate amount of formula and makes sure that even the tiniest bit won’t fall off. It will help you to equally distribute it, allowing you to create flawless, supple and natural-looking finish that’s just to-die-for.


  • Has extra-soft bristles that will feel good for your skin and help you apply foundation effortlessly.
  • Takes hold of the right amount of foundation and makes sure no amount will be wasted.
  • Renders a picture-perfect finish by equally distributing the formula over your skin.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who didn’t like its small and thin build.

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