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Best Eye Makeup Brushes Of 2017

Best Eye Makeup Brushes

Best Eye Makeup Brushes

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Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush


Sephora Pro Angled Shadow Brush #13


M.A.C. 263 Angle Brush


What Is The Best Eye Makeup Brushes?

Behind those perfectly blended eye shadows atop the eyes, the supremely shaped and gorgeous eyebrows, and those seductive winged eye lines and tight lines, which some of the professionals of models have, are the help of some of the most helpful and best eye makeup brushes that completes their arsenal and allows them to have an explosive and exponential difference from those who are using ‘just’ any other makeup brushes they can get their hands on.

Many gals out there consider not exerting effort when looking for the best eye makeup brushes as the first impression they have is that any other products out there can do equally the same like the others. However, this is entirely false as some out there can spread makeup more beautifully and efficiently than others while being more durable as well. Also, though there are certainly supreme products out there that have over-the-top price tags, it isn’t empirical to buy from the luxurious category. You can still have an exquisite experience from more affordable ones – you just have to be intricate on what you choose. Let me lay down some choices of the best eye makeup brushes that you may consider which involves some affordable and even a luxurious brand that will surely be worth your investment.

1. Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush

I won’t deny it. This eye shadow brush is undoubtedly the most expensive brush out of this lot, however, if you do have the liberty of cashing out the bucks for this one, I firmly believe that it will be worth it. This beautifully developed brush from Bobbi brown is a multipurpose product that can bring you satisfaction from applying the base up to mixing the colors you love. It is evident in one look that that the material of the product itself is made from high quality materials which makes it no surprise why its bristles are incredibly soft while having a sturdy and easy to hold handle that combines the experience and completes it. The round shaped bristles also makes it possible for the user to have an intricate application that would distribute the right amount of colors across your lids and crease them beautifully for a magnificent finish that would exceed your wildest expectations.


  • All-purpose brush that perfectly works in applying base shadows and creasing.
  • Has round and soft bristles that makes it possible to have the perfect amount of colors in each application.
  • Has a sturdy and easy to hold handle.


  • Expensive.
  • Doesn’t have the softest bristles.
  • Some users claimed that it’s bigger than they have initially expected.

2. Sephora Pro Angled Shadow Brush #13

Coming from the all-renowned Sephora is this to-die-for brush that will allow you to create marvelous creations for your eyes which you’ll surely grow fond of and love. This versatile and beautiful brush can be used magnificently for contouring, applying eye shadows and beautifying eye brows to its optimum potential. The supple, natural bristles of this beautiful brush is incredibly gentle to the skin and allows the user to achieve an even and beautifully combined finish. The Angle tip also works marvelously for brow lining as it is harmoniously adept in traversing the brow bone up to the orbital bone, rendering you the perfect brows that every girl will surely envy.


  • Beautiful angled bristles that allows user to achieve multiple purposes such as contouring, eye shadow application and brow lining.
  • Supple and natural bristles proves to be incredibly gentle for the skin and perfectly blends the right amount of formula.
  • Sturdy and affordable.


  • There are few users who had hard time using the brush on certain occasions.
  • The bristles, when not taken care of properly, may shed faster than expected.

3. M.A.C. 263 Angle Brush

Feast your eyes on this beautiful, thin and gorgeous angle brush that just looks extremely awe-inspiring that you would want to add it immediately to your arsenal. It will certainly be something you won’t regret even if you buy this product in an impulse as it will undeniably render you with merits you wouldn’t have ever imagined before. This thin brush is easy to hold and manage, making it a perfect companion especially for tasks that needs precision. You can use it perfectly for shaping your eyebrows, applying shadows and even lining your eyes with cream eyeliners. The beautiful flat and angled tip makes it possible to distribute formula and colors flawlessly in a cinch and is made from synthetic fibers that you’ll surely love.


  • Thin and sturdy build that’s easy to hold, manage and use.
  • Has flat, angled tip that’s perfect for tasks that needs precision like shaping eyebrows, applying eye shadows and even lining the eyes.
  • Distributes formula of products seamlessly.


  • Some users experienced difficulty using it for creating winged lines because of the bristles spreading apart easily.
  • A bit expensive.

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