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Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron Of 2017

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron
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HSI Professional Dual Voltage Flat Iron


GHD Professional Styler


Conair Dual Voltage Ceramic Straightener With Instant Heat


What Is The Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron?

Our Flat Irons are definitely our best friend whenever we go out of our house for any occasion – from a simple road trip to a more refined or luxurious party. Even when we go to a trip that is going to last for days, we still pack it up and allow it to accompany us. However, when we stay at a hotel, lounge or any accommodation in that place, we often found ourselves in a predicament when our beloved flat irons aren’t working.

This happens more often when you’re the adventurous type and you take them along with you everywhere you go. You may wonder why this happens, but don’t worry as it’s definitely not broken. This is because your flat iron may only be compatible to one voltage. (i.e. 110V or 220V). If this is your case, then the best dual voltage flat irons should definitely be your confidant.

Of course you can deal with this problem by just bringing a converter, however, I believe that the most efficient way is to use a flat iron that can accompany two amounts of voltage. If you agree with this, then here are some of the best dual voltage flat irons I have managed to round up from the internet which I know will surely help you in your travels.

1. HSI Professional Dual Voltage Flat Iron


From the renowned brand of HSI Professional, you’ll definitely have a great experience with this flat iron during your travels. Just as its name suggests, it is packed with a dual voltage mechanic that can accept either 220 Volts or 110 Volts. Aside from that, it also does the job of straightening your hair, perfectly. It will give you complete control over the temperature you want which you can even adjust yourself. The temperature it supports range from about 240 Degrees Fahrenheit up to 410 Degrees Fahrenheit which will surely be able to straighten out even the curliest hair or coarsest hair. It is also packed with Ceramic and Tourmaline plates of ion that allows even heat during the process and will leave a shiny and silky finish unlike other products. You could never go wrong with your travels if you go with this amazing flat iron.

2. GHD Professional Styler 


When you’re looking for a straightener, irons or wands, GHD has it all. It’s one of the most renowned brands in the industry and is a staple choice for any gals out there who knows them. This time, it didn’t fail to bring an astounding flat iron that has universal voltage capability and everything else you need. First of all, I love the appearance of this iron. It’s just like other black irons, but the gold-colored aluminum plates with ceramic heaters just adds a lot to its prestige. With the ceramic heaters and the aluminum plating, you’ll be sure to have an even straight hair from the evenly distributed heat, along with a static-free shine that you’d surely love. It’s packed with the latest heating technology and you could never go wrong with the temperature as you will have full control over it using their unique and improved digital technology. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps along the way as it also has a sleep mode option that’s ticked to automatic mode.

3. Conair Dual Voltage Ceramic Straightener With Instant Heat

Conair also didn’t fail its long line of customers as it also served this astounding product that has dual voltage as well. Just as the name suggests, this straightener boasts a heating up process that’s faster than any you’ve seen before. The heating up process could take only about 30 seconds flat and you’ll be able to straighten out your hair immediately in the hottest temperature it has.

This turbo heat feature makes it easy to decide to buy it immediately especially for those who are always on a hectic schedule but still don’t want to have a compromised look. Seating at the top of this wonderful specifications its ceramic plating that will allow an even heat-up process so you’ll be guaranteed that you’ll have even straight hair afterwards.

With these products, you could enjoy your travels to the max and do not have to worry about bringing your converters. I often forgot those converters and this type of product with dual voltage has really helped me a lot. The products above are not placed in rank so you could decide for yourself which one is best.

However, the fact remains the same that these three are definitely on the upper echelon of the best dual voltage flat iron in the market. If you’re looking for one of these, then feel free to try any of these three and be amazed at what it can do for you.

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