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Best Cream Foundation of 2017

Best Cream Foundation

Best Cream Foundation

Since the day that foundations came to the industry and to the lives of many girls since its advent, it has produced heavenly results that made anyone addicted to it to the point where they definitely can’t go a day outside without it. It has experienced immense improvements and it has even conceived various types that truly stands out from the crowd, especially the best cream foundations.

Compact, powder and liquid may be some of the foundations that you most commonly encounter, however, there are some setbacks to them that hinders users in getting the perfect finish they want. The best cream foundation will certainly give you the boost to overcome this setbacks and get your hands on the lustrous, flawless finish you want plus a whole lot more.

It is only ideal for you to crave for the best cream foundation, however, it is always empirical that it must be compatible with your skin and it should have countless advantages that will surely get the spotlight to always face in your direction. I have made it my mission to search every corner of the internet to give you some of the best cream foundation today that will exceptionally take your breath away with a picture-perfect finish to die for.

1. MAC Mineralize Cream Foundation

Mineral foundations have been the craze of the industry and the world during the recent years. The advent of this type of revolutionary product was truly a game-changer and from this alone, it is already evident why M.A.C, one of the most renowned brand of makeup today, has also decided to join the fray.

This creamy, mineral-based foundation comes in unique compact form for its type, making it extremely intriguing. Some may have thought that because it comes in a compact foundation form, it may be more inclined to cream-to-powder formula, but it’s definitely not. Its texture isn’t the least bit powdery and in fact, its creamy texture is very easy to blend and apply over your face. Once you apply it, it won’t leave even the tiniest hint of powdery finish, guaranteeing that its creamy, velvety finish will bring you a more enticing and perfect outcome to die for.

It’s more recommended to be used by those who have dry or normal type of complexion and though it only has a light coverage, it is buildable to medium coverage, giving you prowess to hide your imperfections seamlessly. With this product’s 20 shades in offer, you’ll find the one you need with no hassle at all.


  • Comes in compact-form with creamy and velvety formula that seamlessly glide and blends with the skin.
  • Provides natural-looking coverage that’s buildable to medium coverage if you need to hide more serious imperfections.
  • Minimizes imperfections and creates a luminous, beautiful and stunning flawless finish.


  • Expensive.
  • Its coverage may not be enough for more problematic imperfections.

2. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil-Free Foundation

This product is truly worthy of its reputation and without a doubt, it may even exceed the standard or bar of expectation you’ve set. Staying true to the glorious stature of the brand today, this silk crème foundation from Laura Mercier live up to its name of brining a silky and creamy foundation to bring you a more perfect and faultless complexion that will surely be a head-turner anywhere you go.

What makes its full coverage even more outstanding is the fact that it never settles on crevices of your face, fine lines or more. With such characteristic, you’re guaranteed to obtain superior coverage that will also look extremely natural. If you already know Laura Mercier, you’ll also notice that this Silk Crème Foundation is just an improvement of its predecessor through its added oil-free prowess.

It has a balanced, fragrance-free and silicone-based formula that gently and seamlessly makes its way throughout your skin, rendering a cover with the right amount of thickness. Not to mention, they have a stellar range of shade to choose from that makes it even more perfect. Though there are some who claimed that this product fails in living up to its 12-hour claim of duration, it definitely lasts for a lot of hours compared to its competition, still making it a worthy purchase to make.


  • Has stellar coverage with its oil-free and silky, creamy formula that will make you look more flawless in a natural-looking way.
  • Produces divine complexion with the right amount of thickness when applied which makes it look more natural than ever.
  • It blends seamlessly with skin and offers a wide range of shades to choose from.


  • Expensive.
  • May not last full 12 hours especially those with oily skin.

3. Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation

If you’re looking for a more on-the-go foundation to pack in your beauty regime, then you’ll certainly love this foundation from Bobbi Brown that just exemplifies why it is one of the most raved brand today.

This sleek and innovative concept of foundation, brings a creamy formula makeup into a stick-form, allowing users to have an easy, precise, hassle-free and even application whether you’re a complete beginner or not. It has a nude-like formula based with its transparent pigments, granting the most natural-looking complexion you can ever achieve.

Its creamy formula is in no way sticky at all and it blends effortlessly, rendering you with a flawless, suppler and fresher looking complexion you’d love to wear all the time. It’s also infused with incredibly hydrating ingredients like shea butter, olive extracts and emollients to keep your skin moisturized and comfortable all day long. It has oil-controlling aspect that many users love and it even minimizes shine no matter what you face – even humidity, water or sweat.


  • Creamy foundation that comes in stick-form to give you precise, easy, hassle-free and even application.
  • Provides seamless and flawless complexion with natural-looking finish.
  • Hydrates and keeps skin moisturized with its ingredients that includes shea butter, olive extracts and emollients.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users found it to be drying and thick.

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