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Best Cream Brush Of 2017

Best Cream Brush

Best Cream Brush

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Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge


Nars The Multiple


Sonia Kashuk Crème Blush


What Is The Best Cream Brush?

Any makeup and overall appearance won’t be complete without the final touch from a blush that would make your face bloom and become more radiant than ever. Blush improves your overall appearance by leaps and bounds, however, it won’t be as easy as you may think. This piece of makeup is considered to be one of the trickiest companion to use and just by getting the wrong shade, you can either have an underwhelming result or one that would make you look horrendous. Also, not every blush stays put all day, which makes it more of a ‘must’ to be intricate in searching for what you’ll add to your arsenal. To always be on the safe side, it is better to go for the best cream blush which will blend seamlessly over your skin.

The best cream blush have become the rage of many beauty junkies and professionals across the globe and more and more gals are getting hooked to it as we speak. These beauties allows a seamless application of blush on that won’t go overboard. It will get you a natural-looking result that would last and look perfect. However, it is still better to not be complacent and still search for those that belong at the upper echelon of this category. Here are some suggestions I have for you which definitely belongs to the best cream blush of today. One of these three may even turn out to be the Holy Grail Blush of your life.

1. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Coming in a compact design, this Bobbi Brown is undoubtedly an eye-opener and a must-have for those who want to give a hint of bloom and pop to your overall look. This completely portable blush is cream-based which means that its formula definitely will apply seamlessly over your skin, allowing you to create a natural-looking tint that will make your face look more lively and sultrier than ever. This award-winning pot rouge is versatile as well since it can be used not only as a blush, but also for amplifying the plump look of your lips. This beautiful blush will certainly render you with a beautiful finish that won’t go overboard with its sheer finish that will only result as if your face is stained with a gorgeous hint of color. Though it only has few shades, it will certainly suffice to bring the best out of all skin tone.


  • Creamy and sheer formula allows a natural-looking finish.
  • Formula goes seamlessly for an easy and smooth application.
  • Comes in compact form which makes it incredibly portable and is also versatile as it can be used for both cheeks and lips.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Too few shades
  • Drying

2. Nars The Multiple

Nars has yet again pushed a magnificent product to the market that’s hailed by many beauty junkies. This makeup stick has a consistency of cream-to-powder and can be used various purposes other than as blush. As I have mentioned this product comes in a stick form that’s easy to use and apply. It’s also easy to carry seeing that it comes in a lipstick-like form and a single to few glide is all you need in order to brighten up and put a pop on your overall appearance. This beautiful blush has plethora of options of shades for you to choose from and all of them can surely compliment and highlight your face, your eyes, your lips and even your body. With its multi-purpose capability, it is evident why this product has been raved by many users all around the globe.


  • Comes in stick form that’s easy to use, apply and carry anywhere.
  • The cream-to-powder consistency allows it to glide smoothly and settle beautifully for a gorgeous finish.
  • Has plethora of shades available that will surely compliment your overall look.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users that have experienced itches with the product.
  • Some users claimed that it didn’t last as long as they’ve expected.

3. Sonia Kashuk Crème Blush

This brand has definitely proven itself to be one of the top players in the industry and with this affordable crème blush, it has once again justified that the glorious position it has today is a well-deserved one. Contrary to what the name says, this crème blush inclines beautifully to a cream-to-powder consistency. This type of consistency allows it to glide seamlessly for an easy application, while after it sets, it will bring of a beautiful powder finish that doesn’t have any shimmers. This will allow you to revel on an elegant-looking and natural-looking finish you’ll surely fall head over heels with. It goes on sheer after settling and is proven to last longer than average cream blush which makes it a totally worth it purchase. Not to mention, it’s incredibly affordable and you even have a wide array of shades to choose from.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Has cream-to-powder consistency that allows easy application and settles with a sheer, powder and beautiful finish.
  • Lasts longer than average cream blush and has lots of shades in offer.


  • Some users didn’t like the sheer finish.
  • It may not last that long for those with oily skin.

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