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Best Cordless Curling Iron Of 2017

If you lead a busy life and are away from home a lot then there are some essentials you need at hand. And being able to pack light is a great advantage. While most places you stay have hair dryers, they probably don’t have a hair curler.The most common curling irons have long power cords on them that are just a nightmare to pack. Whether you are on a business trip or just visiting some friends. Having a tangled mess in your bag is not a great option. Thankfully, there are cordless products available. These are extremely convenient and work surprisingly well.To help you with the process of finding the best products available we have put together this guide. You will find the top selling options with the best customer reviews. There is also a guide to using curling wands and hair straightening options as well. So, by the end of this page you should not be left with any questions.
Best Cordless Curling Iron
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Conair ThermaCell Cordless Curling Iron


BaByliss Professional Cordles Styler


Braun Cordless Butane Curling iron


What Is The Best Cordless Curling Iron?

Whether it’s a formal occasion or just another stroll in the park, you could never go wrong with a sweet and gorgeous curl that just oozes with a hot and fierce appeal that’ll take the socks off of any onlookers.

There are just sometimes that out of the blue, it would occur to you that you want to ramp with an awesome curly hair style even when you’re not in your house already. During these situations, the best friend that you could ever hope to have are the best cordless curling iron which you could take and use whenever and wherever you are, literally.

Also, even if you are home, these cordless beauties would still prevent you from the hassle which long cords would give you especially if they start to twist amongst themselves. If you’re looking for this type of product, but you’re afraid of taking the step forward due to the countless choices in the market, don’t worry as I’ve got you covered fellow gals.

I’ll share with you some of the best cordless curling irons today that prove to be must-haves for your daily beauty kit whatever plan you may have for the day.

1. Conair ThermaCell Cordless Curling Iron


This product is on top of its league. It is considered to be one of the best portable products that would enable you to have a spectacular and hot curly hair style wherever you might be with its cordless feature.

Even when you’re in the midst of scouring the mall or eating at a diner, and you find yourself wanting to curl your hair, you could do just that with this amazing piece of technology. Along with that, it doesn’t require you to change batteries every now and then because it doesn’t need a battery nor any form of electricity to run.

All you need to have is the Cartridge ThermaCell that comes with it. Nothing lasts forever and this remains true with its cartridge. However, it would take many months for you to be able to deplete the energy within the thermaCell and when that time comes, you could easily replace it with the vast cartridges for the product which are available on the market. It even comes with a travel case that will serve you with an extremely hassle-free experience.

2. BaByliss Professional Cordles Styler



This gorgeous state-of-the-art piece of technology is simply breathtaking and will provide you with a quick curl just the way you want them to look whether you’re inside your home or even when you’re on-the-road.

Using this product is simply intuitive and extremely simple. With just a click and a minute of waiting for the product to heat up, you’ll be free to style up your hair by twirling it on the rod however you like.

Removing your hair after a few seconds is also easy since it has a lever that will automatically release your hair from the grip of the tong then all you have to do next is slide it off. With its ThermaCell you also wouldn’t need any batteries for a few months.

After depleting the ThermaCell, you could just get a new one and it will lasts for months again. This extremely portable piece of technology is perfect for you especially if you want to have curls that would scream individuality.

Braun Cordless Butane Curling iron


Braun is also renowned for their cordless curling iron and this product has their spotlight for being one of the leading products they have. They are also known for their exclusive energy cell that would allow you to use their portable curling iron wherever you go without changing batteries every day.

This gorgeous piece of equipment will also serve you a hassle-free curling session with its smooth gliding prowess and a quick heating-up process of only a minute. Along with its quick heating-up process, you’ll even have an even heat due to the ceramic plating it has.

It also comes with a heat-resistant cover along with an indicator of temperature that will allow you a smooth control while using it. This cordless iron is definitely one of the best out there on the market, easy-to-use and is extremely convenient wherever you are.

Even if you belong to the category of women who have a hectic schedule up their sleeves, you no longer have any reason to not be beautiful wherever you go. With these best cordless curling irons available on the market, you could have a bite of the gorgeous curl you always wanted to have.


How To Use A Hair Curling Wand

hair curling wandCurling wands are extremely convenient tools for all women. But there are some tips you should follow to get you used to using one.


The first tip is to not use one for the first time before an important date or business meeting. You should get used to the features and the effects. You will also need to figure out what style you want to go for. So, do some practice on a regular day, when the results don’t really matter.

Tip 2

The second tip you should follow is to always start on the lowest heat setting. All curling wands usually come with different heat settings. Usually low, medium and high. These have different effects on the type of curl. But keep in mind that higher temperatures will tend to damage your hair.

Tip 3

Make sure your hair is dry and fully untangled. If you have just washed your hair then make sure you blow dry it thoroughly. Using the wand on wet hair can damage both your hair and curler and the results will not be great. If you are preparing for a night out, then you probably have plenty to do while you wait for your hair to dry.

Tip 4

Once your hair wand is fully heated up start with small sections of hair. The process doesn’t take that long. So don’t be tempted to wrap lots of hair around it. You can achieve best results with just a little bit of hair at a time.

Tip 5

While holding the curler in one hand, start wrapping your hair around the barrel starting at the base. This way you will not run out of space to keep wrapping. Obviously, this very much depends on the length of your hair. And there is a section on different barrel sizes below.

Tip 6

curling iron sizesHold the hair in place for about 2 to 5 seconds. Under no circumstances should you hold it for longer than 10 seconds. This will damage your hair, and can even burn right through it. The longer you hold it the more pronounced the curl will be. The best thing you can do is to try it out at a low heat for about 3 seconds and see what the effect is.

Because you are only doing this with small amounts of hair, you can modify the time and heat to get the results you want.

Tip 7

Try and hold the curl in place when you remove it from the barrel. Allowing the curled hair to cool while it is still twisted will give you longer lasting and more professional looking results. This is one of the pro tips many hairdressers will not share. The compliments you will receive for this alone will be worth it.

Tip 8

Once you have got the look you want, just let it sit for a while. You can do a few other things to get ready and then come back to apply final touches to your hair. This gives the curls a little bit of time to settle and you can then apply some more curls if you missed any areas.

As a final touch, just lightly mist the style with hairspray. This will make sure they hold in place for a lot longer.

Different Types Of Curling Tongs

Curling tongs come in many different shapes and sizes. To help you understand this maze we have put together this guide. You should make sure you get the right type of product for the results you want to achieve. This way you will not be disappointed. And your tongs will not be gathering dust at the back of a closet.

Wand Curling Iron: With Clip Or Without?

ringletsCurling wands generally come with two main features. Some have a clip and some are just a straight barrel. Both do the same thing. But just in a slightly different way. Those with a clip will hold the hair in place. This is ideal for a tight curl right to the ends of your hair. With a clipless model, it can be difficult to get the hair tips wrapped tightly without hurting your fingers.

They generally cost a little more, but if you are just getting started they do make the process easier.

Bubble Wands

These are fantastic innovations, and are the easiest to use for beginners. The waved design of the barrel gives you a guide on where you should place your hair. As a result, your hair is guided in an even way. And you end up with perfectly spaced curls that look stunning and natural.

Double Barrel Tongs

If you want to do some more experimenting with different looks then these types are what you need. They are not the most suitable for beginners and will take a little bit of practice. By wrapping your hair in a figure of eight pattern you can create a wonderful looking ripple effect. Before you jump into buying one of these: they are really only suitable if you have shoulder length hair. Or longer.

Spiral Curling Iron

If you want to get some old Hollywood style movie effects then these irons are ideal. You will end up with a noticeable s-pattern in the waves. And you don’t need years of training and practice to do so. The spirals on the barrel will guide you to place the hair correctly.

You will end up with a truly vintage wave that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Curling Iron Sizes

straight hairCurling tongs come in different lengths and thicknesses. It is very important for you to understand what this means before you buy one. If you buy the wrong one you won’t end up with the results you are looking for. But with this simple advice you can save yourself some disappointment.

First of all, the longer your hair is the longer the barrel will need to be. Usually curling tongs come with pretty long barrels. But if your hair is longer than shoulder blade length then you may need a specialty product.

More important is the thickness though. This will essentially dictate how tight the curl will be. A half inch barrel will give you very tight ringlets that can look fabulous on the right person. But they will not help you to achieve a subtle wave.

At the mid-range, you will generally find 1 inch barrels. These are the most versatile and easy to use. You will not be wrapping your hair too tightly resulting in the ringlet effect. With a little practice, you can achieve many different looks. Everything from loose and wavy to beachy. If you are buying your first curling wand and are not sure what effect you want, then this size is the safest option.

At 1.5 to 2 inches you get into more specialized devices with very wavy results. For longer hair, this is something that brings amazing looks. The thicker the barrel the longer the wave and this will have stunning effects on shoulder length hair.

If you are not sure what to go for then stick with the standard 1 inch. The really small barrel ones are only really suitable for very specific tight curls. In the above guide, you will find products to suit all needs with the best brands covered.

Best Hair Straightener

It might seem like a strange place to start talking about hair straightening. But these two types of devices might be needed by certain natural hair types. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then you might want to mix things up a bit.

hair straighteningWith a curling iron, you can make your natural curls pop even more. Improving the natural waves you have is a very popular look to go for. And it is really easy to achieve. Because of the natural wave, you only need to use one of the recommended products for a matter of seconds.

On the other hand. You might want to go in the opposite direction and straighten your hair altogether. You can achieve an almost unrecognizable look if on most days you have curly hair. It can also help you stand out in a crowd of women at a time when curled hair is very popular. As with all our product reviews we have something for you.

Best Flat Iron

The absolute best option available on the market today is the HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron. It is priced to sell and you will not be disappointed with the results. With ceramic plates this model is very safe to use and results in a lot less damage to your hair.

You can technically use it to create a curl as well, but we recommend you keep the two looks to separate devices.

It uses advanced infrared heat technology for a very even heat distribution. This makes sure you get very consistent results. Just take a small amount of hair and place it between the two sides. Then press down and gently run the iron down the length of your hair. Don’t do this too slowly as the heat can damage the hair. It is better to use it multiple times for short periods of time.

The one thing to note about this product is the amazing customer feedback it has at Amazon. You can use the below price check button to see that tens of thousands of women are extremely happy.


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