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5 Best Lipsticks For Casual Wear: Find The Most Popular Colors For Natural Looking Beauty

Best Lipsticks For Casual WearCan you imagine living without lipstick? It really is one of the most important items in your make-up kit. You probably have a few already: some for wearing in everyday situations and others you keep for special occasions. But, we’re sure you’ll agree – you look more attractive when you wear it.

You need to be sure that you have the right color to suit your personality and coloring, but it’s also important that you color co-ordinate it with your clothes – you don’t want to wear a really strong red lipstick if you’re wearing a pale apricot top. So first think about what clothes to wear with red lipstick.

Of course, it’s difficult to make a choice as there are so many brands and so many colors on offer. But don’t make the mistake of buying one just because you like it – if it doesn’t make you feel good when wearing it, it’s the wrong one for you.

Whether you like matt for everyday use and gloss for wearing in the evening, you’ll definitely need a more subtle one for in the office than the one you wear out in the evenings.


Our Recommendations – Top 5 Casual Lipsticks

To simplify things for you, being that you really will be inundated with choice, we’ve reviewed some products. Hopefully you’ll find the following reviews of the 5 products that we consider to be the best helpful in making your decision.

1 – MAC Matte Russian Red Lipstick

Are you one of those women who really have to have a red lipstick in their make-up kit? A red lipstick worn together with a red outfit will give you a really stunning effect. But nothing looks worse than a red lipstick that has smudged or partly worn off.

For this reason, this MAC matt lipstick is perfect as it’s smooth and lasts for hours. It feels a little dry on application, but it does actually moisturize your lips.

It comes in a sleek packaging which is just the thing if you are a no frills person. Because of its high pigmentation the Russian Red color is just right for accentuating your lips and making you look especially good. Just be careful what clothes you wear with it. But let’s face it, this will give you the excuse you need to go out and buy some new clothes – instead of matching lipstick to outfit you’ll need an outfit to match your lipstick!


  • The product lasts
  • It’s simple and smooth to apply
  • Has eye catching colors
  • Adds moisture to your lips
  • Suitable for all skin colorings

  • Its perfumed smell may not be for you
  • It doesn’t come cheap

2 – Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick, Berry Haute

Are you looking for a color that is feminine but also completely eye catching? Then this is just right for you. Although it is eye catching the color is subtle enough for wearing on a daily basis.

The LiquiSilk formula used in making this product helps to soften you lips and makes application simple. It works excellently as a moisturizer for your lips so no more putting up with dry lips.

As with most products, you’ll have to reapply it after a good meal or a few drinks, but in normal circumstances it will last longer.

The rich pigmentation is not too bold and the texture is really creamy. Just right for accentuating your lips. So, this is the one for you if you don’t like really bold products.


  • Gives your lips a soft feeling
  • Perfect color for casual wear
  • Enough pigmentation
  • The color is exactly as described
  • Not too expensive

  • Re-application is necessary after a couple of hours
  • It runs a little when applying it

3 – NARS Pure Matte Lipstick

You want color but nothing too strong. You don’t want your lips to be accentuated too much when you go out shopping. Then NARS is the product for you as it has a complete range of natural looking colors. You won’t look over made-up if you choose the color Peloponnese, but you can be confident that you really look good.

The ingredients in this matte lipstick are butter taken from wild mango – an absolute fantastic moisturizer to soften your lips. The Vitamin E and acai oil will also help to keep your lips healthy looking.

This product really is long lasting so great for the woman with a busy schedule. You won’t want to have to keep reapplying your lipstick regularly.

It’s great if you like matte textures, but even if you’re not keen on them, you can still wear it but put lip balm onto your lips first.


  • Just right for wearing in casual situations
  • Its natural ingredients moisturize your lips
  • Has a completely natural look
  • The subtle color is also very rich
  • Will last for many hours

  • Application isn’t easy as it’s a little dry
  • A little more expensive than other brands

4 – Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick

If you’re attracted to packaging you’ll adore this product. But don’t worry: it does offer more than just attractive packaging. It won’t dry out and feather or cake on your lips as its formula is non drying. You can wear this lipstick for any occasion: a special date, a special celebration or just to the office. What’s more you’ll feel confident that you look your best.

Despite its subtle color the pigmentation is strong – that, together with the packaging makes it well worth considering. By choosing this option you’ll have a lipstick you can rely on not to wear off when you go for an evening at a restaurant. So, you’ll be able to forget about slipping off to the bathroom at regular intervals to reapply your lipstick.


  • It’s of really high quality
  • No feathering or caking to be expected
  • Just the thing for casual wear
  • It’s long lasting
  • Just the right price

  • Colors may not be what you expect
  • Tends to stick to dry spots

5 – Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick

The name alone conjures up a picture of a lot of wonderful colors. And that’s exactly what the Queen Butterfly lipstick offers: colors that are really popular. For enhancing your smile, you could try out the ‘blue pearl’, you’ll be amazed at how good it looks.

For moisturizing your lips and keeping them soft it has film formers. Aloe Vera and many different vitamins are just some of the ingredients.

But not only does the name conjure up a wonderful picture, this lipstick will also give you such a light feel, just like a butterfly.

It’s so easy to apply and by softening your lips you’ll have no problem with wearing it the whole day.

Although the color is subtle there’s still has enough of it to brighten up your appearance. It’s an ideal product for casual wear and as it offers all the colors that are popular there’s bound to be one that you like.


  • Completely natural ingredients moisturize your lips
  • Natural looking colors
  • Offers most popular lipstick colors that are subtle
  • Give your lips a soft feel
  • It has an attractive packaging

  • Could be a little more color with it
  • A little more expensive than the other brands

When Should You Use It?

The products we’ve mentioned are all suitable for casual wear. We wouldn’t recommend the MAC Red Lipstick if your wardrobe consists mainly of pale apricot colored clothes. If you really want this lipstick, you should consider buying something new to wear that will match it!

The NARS Matte is just right for wearing in the office, or even just to go out shopping. It’s rich enough in pigmentation, but subtle enough for casual wear.

Of course, you may want something made of natural ingredients or a product that will also moisturize your lips. But before you make any decision think first about what you want, then about what you need and then about your wallet. Just how much are you willing to spend on a lipstick!


How Can It Help?

The colors you wear when you go out on the town certainly won’t be suitable for when you go shopping or for dropping your kids off at school either. For everyday situations you really need a color that’s subtle – nothing looks worse than a person who’s over made up. Keep the darker colors for partying and subtle ones for other more casual occasions.

Some days you’ll probably feel a little down and maybe also a bit unattractive. That’s when a casual lipstick comes in handy. It’s just the tonic you’ll need if you’re looking for something to buck you up. The products we’ve mentioned are all just right for day wear where you don’t need to wear a lot of make-up, but are looking for a tonic. With very little effort you’ll feel much better.

For anyone who is always busy, whether at work or running errands, these are just right to give you the confidence that you look good at all times.

How To Choose The Right One To Suit You

You’re possibly wondering: ‘How exactly do I know what I really need, especially as there are so many good lipsticks on the market?’ It’s not easy, especially when you don’t really have much time for shopping, or perhaps just don’t like shopping! – Yes, there are some women who don’t like shopping! You won’t want to spend hours on end trying to make a decision. To avoid this try asking yourself these questions before you go shopping.

  • Do I have dry flaky lips? Everyone’s lips are different in texture so you can’t expect the same result from a lipstick you find attractive on your best friend. Creamy lipsticks are the best to purchase for lips that are flaky as they go on much smoother. You should also check out it it’s made of natural ingredients and that it contains moisturizer. Leave those matte products on the shelf if you suffer with chapped lips.
  • Do I like wearing bold colors? We’re reviewed products that are more subtle in color so are completely suitable for daily use. If you want something bolder for drawing attention to yourself, they won’t be suitable for you. Of course, you may want a subtle lipstick that is just a little bold then try out the MAC product. If you want a soft color, all the others mentioned are suitable.
  • Do I want a lipstick that is completely subtle? You’ll need a subtle color if you want to wear it for the regular school runs or for shopping. They won’t make you look over made-up but you’ll be confident that you look attractive at all times.
  • How much am I willing to spend? If you don’t decide on a price before you go shopping you could end up spending much more than you can really afford. You won’t get the same pleasure out of it when you get home and realize that you’ve over-spent! The lighter products aren’t too expensive and even the cheaper ones are really good. But for a lipstick that will stay on for hours on end and will last, you’ll have to splash out a bit more.
  • Do I need it to wear for special occasions? At some time, we’ve all gone to the bathroom after eating a good meal in a restaurant only to find that our lipstick has disappeared. But what can we do about it? You won’t find the answer to that in the products mentioned above. Although they are long lasting you’ll find that is only so if you don’t eat and drink! Our options are all suitable for casual wear so if you’re looking for something you can wear for a special event, look elsewhere.


It’s never easy to find the color that’s perfect for you needs on a daily basis so it’s worth spending some time considering this before you go shopping. You’ll want a lipstick that will make you look good without making you look over made-up. You’ll also need something that not only suits your wardrobe, but also suits your personality. We hope that you’ll be able to find just the right one from the 5 that we’ve reviewed. The best natural looking lipstick for you must surely be amongst them.



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