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Best Bronzer Brush Of 2017

Best Bronzer Brush

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SUQQU Face Brush


ECOTOOLS Bamboo Domed Bronzer Brush


NARS #11 Bronzing Powder Brush


What Is The Best Bronzer Brush

More often than not, we girls take the opinion of our fellows when it comes to picking our makeups. This goes true as well for bronzers. However, there’s surely a point in time where you’ve already picked up your bronzer, but didn’t get the superfluous and perfect result you’ve been expecting from the raves and talks of others. Don’t worry, they didn’t lie to you, you may just be missing one crucial ingredient that will help you create the perfection you’ve been vying for. Check your arsenal of makeups once again and see if you’ve already got the best bronzer brush you can get in the market today.

One of the most common, yet most crucial mistake you shouldn’t commit when applying bronzer, is not preparing the best bronzer brush you can purchase today. Just like a canvas in painting, there’s a world of difference in the results done when you use your hands, from when you use your brush, especially if you want a perfect, intricate look that will put every onlookers in an awe-inspiring daze. Trust me, a good brush will surely upgrade your looks by leaps and bounds, while also allowing you to have the best out of your bronzer, through creating the best results possible in the most efficient way. I know you may not have the slightest idea of where to start looking so it’s pretty fortunate of you as I have rendered here a list of the best bronzer brush I’ve fallen in love with, which may just be the help you need.


1. SUQQU Face Brush

If you think that you can’t possibly spend a fortune on a single brush, then I think it’s time to evaluate again once you see this brush from SUQQU. Costing more than a hundred bucks, this beauty of a brush will certainly bring you an illustrious experience, but with a huge setback in price that may probably urge you not to take the most important step of buying it. However, it has definitely made storms in the industry and was deeply loved by those who bought it. All of them have placed the verdict that it was all worth it and if you have the luxury of slashing out the price from your pocket, then feel free to jump the gun and buy it. Given its price, it’s already expected to have the exquisite appearance it possess and the most appalling feature it has is its unrivalled softness that would make you want to just brush it over and over your face. The tapered top makes it possible to evenly apply your makeup and the ultra-soft bristles make it perfect even for those with sensitive skin. Not to mention, the durability of this product is topnotch making it an even more worthy investment than you can imagine.

  • Durable and extremely exquisite appearance
  • Superior Tapered top makes it possible to have even makeup application.
  • Extremely soft bristles are perfect even for those with sensitive skin.

  • Over the Top Price.
  • Using it on heavy powders will take its toll on the bristles.
  • Needs to be intricately taken care of.


2. ECOTOOLS Bamboo Domed Bronzer Brush


There’s definitely a ton of gals out there who belongs to the category of people who’re incredibly conscious of what products to use for their beauty regime. That’s totally understandable especially for sensitive people and those who don’t want to risk going for brushes that are not guaranteed to be superior skin-friendly. If you’re one of them, then you’ll be more than happy to give this beautiful bronzer brush a try from Ecotools. This brand is renowned for their environment friendly products that will work perfectly in giving you the awesome result you want. The whole thing is made from natural and recycled materials making it evident that it’s all from the goodness of Mother Nature itself. The bamboo handle is incredibly durable and the superbly supple bristles it has will make you feel reassured that you won’t have any breakouts with this baby.

  • Made by Ecotools which means it’s created from natural materials.
  • Has supple bristles that’s skin-friendly.
  • Evenly and perfectly distributes makeup.

  • Some say it’s a bit bulky.
  • Not lightweight
  • There are times when the bristles shed when not taken care of properly.

3. NARS #11 Bronzing Powder Brush


Seeing that Nars is one of the most competitive and renowned brand in the makeup industry today, it’s definitely not weird to see it flourishing even with their brush products. This makes it plain to see that the brand itself is extremely dedicated in catering the beauty needs of its consumers, making it a very comprehensible move to choose this brush for your arsenal. As the name suggests this specific brush is made for bronzer powders and it’s an excellent one at that. The bristles are made from topnotch goat hair. This natural product makes it friendly even for sensitive users, guaranteeing that no breakouts will certainly occur upon using it. It also helps in carrying the perfect amount of bronzer and distributing it evenly across the spots you wish to spread it on, giving you complete control on the final appearance you wish to achieve. This award winning product is also evidently elegant-looking, making many gals a big fan of it since its creation.

  • Sturdy and quality build makes it a great addition for your beauty regime.
  • Made from Topnotch goat hair, guaranteeing a skin-friendly and even application.
  • Allows you to have complete control over the makeup application process.

  • Expensive.
  • There are times when it sheds when not taken care of properly.

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