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5 Best Hair Straightening Irons

If you’re anything like me, then you won’t be able to even imagine leaving the house without making sure your hair is in the perfect order, whether that means straightening your hair with a flat iron or curling it with some nice hot rollers for long hair.

I’ve been flat ironing my hair for 10 years now, and let me tell you one thing – the quality of the straightening iron will influence the time you will need to spend a lot. The straightening iron you choose will also affect the quality of the final effect.

Factors To Consider

You might think that they’ve been around for so long now, that practically all of the flat hair straightening irons out there must be developed to perfection already. Well, believe me, they’re not. Make sure you consider these points before purchasing:

Plate size is something you want to pay close attention to before deciding on a flat iron. The size of the plates you need depends on both your hair length and your texture. Is your hair thick or thin? Long or short?

Material is another thing that’s really important and can influence the quality of a hair straightening iron. The best material to choose is titanium, since its properties are better than the ones of the ceramic plates. It’s better at conducting heat and at providing consistent heat. Titanium plates also last longer than the ceramic ones and are corrosion resistant.

Temperature is crucial. Make sure you’re getting a tool that has an adjustable temperature setting so you can choose the temperature that is best for your hair type. The thicker and longer your hair is, the higher temperature you will require to straighten it. Also, aside from that, make sure you get one that comes with an instant heating option and an automatic shut off.

Should I Go For Titanium Or Ceramic?

As mentioned, titanium would be my preferred choice and recommendation. It transfer heat a lot better and can provide a higher heat intensity, something that is much needed if you have long, thick hair.

However, if you have very brittle, weak hair, you might want to go for ceramic instead. This is because ceramic is a lot gentler in that sense and given your hair type, you wouldn’t need such a high temperature anyway.

So my final verdict? Get the one that is most ideal for your hair type.

Taking Care of Your Straightening Irons

Unlike hot rollers for long hair, if you want your straightening iron to last longer, you have to pay a bit more attention to the way you care for it. It only takes a couple of minutes to take care of your iron, in order to prolong its life for years. Styling products that you use on your hair will cause some build up on the plates of the iron, making it sticky. This can pull and damage your hair, so in order to avoid this, you’ll have to make sure your tool is clean before using it.

Before cleaning your straightening iron, make sure it’s completely cooled down. You will need a soft cloth and a professional iron cleaner spray. Spray some of the iron cleaner on the cloth and gently rub the plates to remove all dirt.    

5 Best Hair Straightening Irons

5. HSI Professional Tourmaline Straightener



You can use this straightener not only for flat ironing your hair, but also for curling and flipping your hair. It comes with 1” solid ceramic tourmaline plates, a 360 degree swivel cord for easier maneuvering, an adjustable temperature setting and works with an advanced infrared heat technology.

This is a good tool that’s easy to use and maneuver. It irons quickly and efficiently, and does not leave any burnt smell. It takes away frizz and works even on really stubborn hair. As a curling tool, it does the job really well too which is an added bonus.

  • Can flat iron, curl, and flip your hair
  • 360 degree cord helps you style with ease
  • Irons quickly without frizz

  • May be too hot for thinner hair
  • Does not have an automatic shut off

4. Remington S5500 Digital Ceramic Straightener

Remington S5500 Digital Ceramic Straightener



The Remington S5500 model comes with long, 1” thick ceramic plates and a turbo boost feature to quickly increase maximum temperature of 410 degrees. It heats up in 30 seconds and shuts off automatically after 60 minutes. It also features a LCD screen for controlling power and temperature.

This is a really good tool, that heats up really fast and is super easy to use. You can control both temperature and power with the intuitive LCD screen and enjoy peace of mind with its auto shutoff feature. It works very well for flat ironing, as it does for flat curling the hair. The swivel cord is super handy too.

  • Heats up quickly and efficiently
  • Control both temperature and power from the screen
  • Lets you curl and flat iron too

  • The materials are a little cheaper
  • You may still see some frizz

3. MHD Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener



This tool comes with tourmaline ceramic floating plates, a non-slip grip and is very compact in size (15 cm). Unfortunately it does not allow any temperature adjustments.

It’s a great tool for traveling or to carry around in your purse for a quick touch up. It’s extremely lightweight and super-easy to use and maneuver. The grip doesn’t slip which makes it a lot safer to use and it is really comfortable to hold.

  • Does not slip from the hand
  • It’s small in size and easy to transport
  • Extremely lightweight and not difficult to use

  • Does not allow for any temperature adjustments
  • May not work well for thicker hair

2. CHI Original Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener



This CHI straightener is another tourmaline ceramic tool that can be used for straightening, curling and flipping your hair. It comes with floating plates, a swivel cord for convenience and can eliminate static while reducing frizz.

This tool features even heating and heats up in a very short 30 seconds. It will not tug at or pull your hair and is really easy to use. Its really long cord is a big plus and it really eliminates frizz very effectively.

  • Eliminates static and reduces frizz
  • Heats up in only 30 seconds
  • The long cord lets you use it with ease

  • Many people have been given fake items
  • The plates tend to pull and pinch the hair if you don’t get them completely flat

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Plated Ultra Thin



The Nano Titanium model comes with ceramic plates of 5” and offers 50 heat settings, up to a maximum of 450F. It also comes with a ryton housing that resists ultra-high heat.

It’s a really lightweight, well designed tool that is super easy to use. The extra long plates and the high temperature reach allow for faster strengthening and working on wider sections of the hair at once.  

  • Offers tons of heat settings
  • Includes 5 inch ceramic plates
  • Lightweight enough to carry around
  • Long plates do more hair at once

  • Quality control from Amazon has been an issue
  • If you don’t work quickly, it’s very easy to burn your hair


Not all straightening irons are made the same. You’d be surprised how good or bad a tool can be, even for the same price. Make sure you do your research before buying one and don’t forget to check the size of the plates, material and the temperature settings.

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