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5 Best Eyeshadow Choices: Make Your Beautiful Eyes Stand Out Even More

If you want to enhance your best features, makeup can work wonders. Lipstick can bring out the lusciousness of your lips. Blush can add the perfect touch to your look. Foundation can hide those blemishes that you don’t want to show. Makeup may not always be needed but it makes a difference.

One of the best makeup products to help enhance your look is eyeshadow. It can bring out your eye color and make your eyes pop like nothing else. From a matte eyeshadow palette to a liquid eyeshadow, there are as many different types of eyeshadows as there are eye colors.

This kind of makeup can completely enhance your look by helping to make your eyes come alive. It can also help to cover up sallow skin around the eyes and make you look more awake.

You may be someone who looks for subtle colors and soft textures or you may like bold hues and creamy options that are easy to spread. You may demand a long lasting eyeshadow or want an easy-to-apply eyeshadow stick. Whatever your preference is, you can be sure to find the best eyeshadow for your style and look.

In this article, we will bring you 5 of the best products available right now. They will suit different skin tones and eye colors. And there is something for every budget. The great thing is that even a more expensive product will last a long time. And it will certainly make one of your most attractive features stand out even more.

Our 5 Favorite Eyeshadows

Whether you are looking for a special color or you need to stock up on eyeshadows in your makeup kit, the following 5 eyeshadows are some of the best around. Each one has something special and you may be able to find the one that is right for you.

1. Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow

This product could win a prize in both packaging, simplicity, and functionality. This unique eyeshadow looks more like a lipstick than an eye color. Speaking of colors, you can choose between a plum shade or golden hue. Staying true to its name, this product goes on without creases or fading. It also contains a built-in primer which helps it to stay on and last long.

It’s also made from special ingredients which make it safe for those with sensitive eyes. As you would imagine from a Neutrogena product, it is great for your skin. It doesn’t flake after a few hours of use and stays put. If you like to have the option of wearing lighter makeup for one occasion yet be able to darken it for another, this is ideal for you.

While it may not be for the girl who likes bold and bright, the subtle hues are a good option for everyday use. For its affordable price, quality, and functionality, it deserves a place on our list of favorites.


  • It is easy to apply
  • It’s good for your skin
  • It can be blended easily

  • This product only comes in two colors
  • The colors are not as described

2. Touch in SOL Metallist Liquid

If you like liquid eye shadow, this is the one for you. It’s an edgy product that will catch people’s attention. Its unique and compact packaging means that you can fit in your purse to take with you. With liquid on one end and glitter on the other, you can choose whether to shine or not.

It’s the eyeshadow that gives you variety. You can simply wear the glossy end of the tube or apply it along with glitter for a night out on the town. Its smooth texture makes it easy to put on and you can choose from a variety of 10 colors.

For those who may have issues with eye shades irritating their eyes, they can trust that this product is easy on the skin. Best of all, it’s price is more affordable than you would think making it a great deal for the budget-mind lady.


  • It provides versatile looks
  • It’s easy to carry with you
  • It has a smooth texture

  • The glitter side can’t be applied alone
  • It can be a bit messy to apply

3. RMS Beauty-Cream Eyeshadow Palette

In a unique presentation, the RMS Beauty eyeshadow is a unique option for those who like to have their go-to color at all times. It’s smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to apply. If you have small eyelids or perhaps wrinkles, you may like how easy it is to blend. Besides it being easy to use, it also works well for moisturizing your eyelids. It’s made from harmless ingredients which is important for your eye health.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your eyes looking and feeling fresh, this may be it. Not only is it a fabulous color, but your eyes will reap nourishing benefits from it. You don’t need a brush or applicator. You can simply apply with your fingertips. It’s convenient for busy women, older women, and any woman who cares about taking care of her eyes.

With 5 different colors to choose from, you can pick the color that best suits you. While it isn’t the cheapest option around, you can get long-lasting use from this RMS product.


  • It’s great for sensitive skin
  • The texture is smooth and easy-to-apply
  • It’s ideal for on-the-go use

  • Some consider the texture too greasy
  • It takes some time for it to sit and requires patience

4. MISKOS Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re the girl who loves to have some fun with her makeup, this glitter eyeshadow palette is what you want. From pinks to blues, yellows, reds, and more, the colors seem endless on this MISKOS palette. While the number stops at 30, if you want variety in color, you’ve got it with this option. Because it’s waterproof, if you’re thinking of wearing it for summer fun, you’ll have no need to worry. This is also helps it to last longer than most.

It’s a strongly pigmented makeup, so ladies who like their eyeshadow to go on bright will love this. Because of the texture of this eyeshadow, application is relatively clean and drama-free. While the sparkles and glitter may not be for everyone, for the girls who like it bold, the MISKOS is an affordable palette for you. With so many different colors, you would think that it would be hard to take with you. Fortunately, it’s so lightweight, it can fit in any large purse for on-the-go use.


  • It has several great colors
  • The texture is bright and sparkly
  • It’s easy to apply

  • It isn’t small enough for carrying in a clutch
  • The texture isn’t the best for use on wrinkles


5. LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette

For the ladies who like their matte eyeshadow palette, this LORAC option is an excellent choice. With eight different colors for people to choose from, you will have plenty of variety for daily use. If you like nudes and brown hues, you’ll love the LORAC palette. With names like Burgundy, Mauve, and Chocolate, you can expect the shades to be just as rich. This palette is especially nice for women with green eyes as browns make this unique color pop.

Because of the smooth texture, if you have problems applying eye makeup, the LORAC is an ideal choice. It has botanicals that are beneficial for your eyelids and can be used wet or dry. The LORAC is more than just a simple color palette. With the ability to use the colors as liner or apply them as shade, this is the kind of makeup palette that any girl could want.

Last but not least, the makeup comes with a built-in mirror for easy use while out on the town or at your job. This LORAC makeup is long-lasting and is an eyeshadow that stays on all day.


  • This is durable makeup that stays on for hours
  • It’s a top-quality makeup palette
  • The palette comes with plenty of colors to choose from

  • The colors may be too pigmented for some
  • This makeup tends to get a bit messy during application


Tips For Making The Right Choice

The above products are some great options for women who want to make sure their makeup kit is full of the best items. Before you make a choice on an eyeshadow, you want to be sure you are getting one that is right for you and your needs. Check out the following tips to ensure that you hit the spot with your product pick.

  • Choose the right colors for your skin tone. While everyone may have their list of favorite colors, it doesn’t mean that just any color should go on your eyes. There are certain shades that can do more harm than good. For example, say you have pale skin. You may normally love gray or black as your color essentials but in this case, it’s a big no! Gray will make you sickly and bring out the paleness of your skin. On the flip side, if you’re in the tan area of skin tones, go with rich colors that will stand out on you.
  • Choose the colors that will make your eyes pop. Different eye colors look better with different eye shadow shades. For example, if you have green eyes, a deep beige or brown will bring those emeralds out more than ever. If you have blue eyes and want to have people staring into them, go for a cool color or browns as well. Brown eyes will pop with some purples or pinks to bring them out.
  • Find the texture that will work well on your eyelids. Do you want to wear a subtle and natural look? Matte eyeshadows help to tone things down while still bringing out color on your eyes. Just bear in mind that if eyeshadows are already hard to blend on your eyes, matte doesn’t make it easy. A texture that works well on women who want long-lasting wear is cream eyeshadow. It’s also easy to blend and works well on those with dryer skin. It may not be the best for oily skin. Mineral textured shadows are ideal for those who want bold color that stays on for hours on end. It’s soft and silky and works well for most eye-types.
  • Understand your personal style. Bold, bright colors on a palette may catch your attention when not in use but if you are more into a natural makeup look, they may make you feel clownish. Some women like their bold colors and pull of bright pinks and blues, while others feel comfortable in soft, natural hues. Knowing what kind of look you love is important when choosing your makeup. There’s no need trying to wear something that isn’t you. You’ll end up wasting money and still need more makeup.
  • What do you need? While that big and beautiful palette may catch your eyes, how often do you switch up colors when applying makeup? Many women tend to stick to the colors they know and love and rarely go for that intense metallic green or bright strawberry pink. If you know that you don’t change colors too often, it may be better for you to choose a product that offers you the color that you want. Large palettes tend to be more expensive and unnecessary. Know your needs before shopping.

The above products are some of the best ones on the market. They are all affordably priced, made from quality ingredients, and tend to be a favorite for many women. The best thing you can do is pick one and try it for yourself.

As you discover what texture you need, which colors you prefer, and how much variety you need, you can make a decision on the latest addition to your makeup bag. Happy shopping!

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