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5 Best Cosmetic Display Cases

You’ve got your makeup, creams and brushes for your daily cosmetic routine. The only thing you don’t have is a place to store it all nicely and neatly! Don’t just throw everything in a drawer when you can pick up a display case for all those cosmetics though. A good cosmetic display case can help your makeup routine by keeping everything you need in plain sight.

Types of Cosmetic Displays

There are a couple types of displays out there. Each helps with organizing but you might want to see which one will suit your needs better.

Box Type

A good makeup box opens up to provide you with tons of drawers and a convenient display. I love how it’s actually quite space-saving and small when it’s closed. Lots of people like boxes in particular since many of them have mirrors as well, and you can even store as many as 200 items in some of the bigger ones.

Rotating Caddy Type

The rotating caddy is clean and efficient while being a little less pricey usually. They can often store up to 100 items in different sized storage areas. All items are conveniently visible for easy access too, much like a spice rack.

Organizers with Drawers

Drawers are some of the most common types of display due to how simplistic and easy they are. They’re usually less pricey while being durable and simple to clean. Lots of them are see-through too, and have both drawers and a top storage section.

Makeup Organization Tips

Sometimes organized chaos is okay, but when it comes to your makeup, that’s the last thing you want. Here are some tips to help you keep things organized for your makeup routine.

  • First and foremost, always keep your makeup away from direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to use drawers as they not only save space, they also preserve your products in an ideal cool environment.
  • Throw out the makeup that you don’t need anymore and organize the rest. You can organize them depending on the type of makeup, like eyeliners vs. mascara. A bit of decluttering and categorizing can go a long way.
  • Store makeup so you can see the actual color, and avoid too much stacking that would prevent you from finding things easily.
  • Sort all your brushes for either your face or your eyes. This will make them easy to find.
  • Use stackable containers or displays to maximize space. You can even label them and stack them according to their category.
  • Set aside the everyday items. Of all the makeup products you own, some will be only used on certain occasions (like the vampy red lipstick or dark plum lipgloss, perhaps) and some are the everyday ones you use for work. A good idea would be to set apart the everyday ones so you don’t find yourself wasting time digging through your entire collection daily.
  • Every six months or so, take a look and get rid of things you really don’t use or that are expired. Monthly reorganizations help too.

5 Best Cosmetic Display Cases

5. Acrylic Lipstick/ Lipgloss Organizer



This cute little see-through lipstick organizer includes 24 spaces for any color you might have. It’s easy to spot the shade you need, and the acrylic makes it easy to clean at the same time.

I love the amount of space available, along with how clean and crisp the design is. The price is fair too, and you’re able to see all of your colors at just one glance. Even if you have some the best eyeliner for waterline, it’ll fit in here without a problem.

  • 24 spaces for any color lipstick
  • See through the acrylic to find your color
  • Clean and crisp design
  • Great for eyeliner too

  • Smells strongly of chemicals
  • May be lower quality than desired


4. Alegory Acrylic Organizer



Use this organizer for your various brushes. Brushes sit in their set holes, with three hole sizes for up to 12 brushes. It’s small and saves space, while helping you find those brushes fast.

This organizer is neat and such a space saver. It even holds much larger brushes without an issue! You can use it either vertically or horizontally, so if it’s a little tall, it’s not a problem. It can fall over when you remove too many brushes but is relatively sturdy when you have most of your brushes stored.

  • Includes 3 sized holes for 12 brushes
  • Small and space saving
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally

  • Can fall over when you remove your brushes
  • The liners holding the brushes may fall out


3. AcryliCase Makeup Display



The three sections in the AcryliCase organizer make it perfect when it comes to storing all types of makeup. The display is strong and easy to clean and makes your makeup that much simpler to find.

It serves its purpose well and holds lots of different kinds of makeup. It is a little smaller than other organizers so this will be a good complement to your set up if you already have other display cases.

  • 3 sections for all makeup
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Holds all kinds of makeup

  • Smaller than other available organizers
  • Works best as a compliment than your main organizer


2. Ovonni Acrylic Organizer



This drawer display comes with a top section for lip products and 4 removable drawers for everything else. The removable black mesh helps keep everything safe and in place while the drawers slide out smoothly.

The clear drawers mean you can easily see where everything is at a quick glance. Simply stick your best waterline eyeliner, waterproof makeup, or foundations right inside – this display makes organizing everything easy. Designed to be easily cleaned, simply remove the drawers and wash them under the tap. The design is minimalistic and trendy, making it blend well with your home décor. Do note that the lipstick grid is not large enough for some brands so you might have to use the drawers for certain lipstick brands.

  • 4 removable drawers
  • Removable black mesh for easy cleaning
  • Lets you see everything at a clance
  • Minimailistic design

  • Drawers do not always slide out simply
  • The lipstick grid is not always large enough for some brands


1. Acrylic Cosmetic and Jewelry Display



This acrylic case is perfect for any and all storage needs. Not only are there lots of space, you can store all types of cosmetics too. The durable construction is a great feature and it doesn’t topple over easily.

You can also fit different types of jewelry in it along with your makeup for extra organization. It’s so compact that you can fit it anywhere. This display has more spots for lipsticks, making it perfect for a lipstick lover.

  • Lots of space for all types of cosmetics
  • Durable construction
  • Great for jewelry too
  • Compact and with space just for lipsticks

  • Quality can be a little low
  • People notice cracks in the acrylic quickly


If you want to store your makeup neatly to save space and get to it easily, these 5 best cosmetic display cases are perfect options to consider. Use any one of them for brushes, lipsticks, or anything else you’ve got in mind. With cases like these, makeup in the morning shouldn’t be a hassle anymore!

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